"Gone Girl" Movie
A promotional image for the film "Gone Girl." 20th Century Fox/Gone Gir

“I did not kill my wife, I am not a murderer.”

Fans of the best-selling crime drama “Gone Girl” received a glimpse at footage from the upcoming film adaptation starring actor Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne and Rosamund Pike as his missing wife, Amy Dunne, for the first time Monday. While readers are already buzzing about the release of the teaser, there are four things happenings in the teaser that appear to have gone widely unnoticed, including a possible spoiler regarding the David Fincher film’s secretive new ending.

Here are four things you may have missed from the “Gone Girl” teaser trailer: (Warning: spoiler alert!)

New Ending Possibly Revealed

“Gone Girl” author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn has long since teased that the film adaption will include a different ending from the 2012 novel’s arguably disappointing finale. While producers are keeping details regarding the new ending under wraps, the film's first trailer might just give fans a clue as to how journalist Nick Dunne and missing wife Amy Dunne’s story could conclude on screen.

In the book, Amy Dunne sets up her husband, making it appear that he is responsible for her murder after she goes missing, only to return during the novel's finale and trap her estranged lover by announcing she is expecting his child. Despite lack of confirmation as to what Amy’s fate in the movie will be, the teaser does show Amy apparently dead and drifting in the water, which could indicate that a watery grave is in store for Mrs. Dunne.

Find 'Amazing Amy' Billboard

Blink and you’ll miss it, but a flash of a billboard asking residents to help look for Nick’s missing wife, Amy, shares a website URL: FindAmazingAmy.com. The website, which takes fans to an official promotional site for the film, is designed to appear like local news site FOX KRBK-TV. “Search for ‘Amazing Amy’ Continues” reads the site's main headline, which also includes a scrolling ticker with news all relating to the “Gone Girl” tale: “North Carthage residents hold candle light vigil for Amazing Amy… Search parties comb area near Dunne home including Wolky Park and Riverway Mall… Neighbors report angry arguments from Dunne household….”

'Amazing Amy' Tip Line

The same billboard also includes another Easter egg, the phone number: 1-855-4-Amy-Tips (1-855-424-98477). While fans are not able to share tips regarding Amy’s whereabouts on the line, calling does allow fans to listen to the first chapter of Flynn’s best-selling book.

Ominous song used in the trailer

For someone who has never read “Gone Girl,” the song used in the film’s trailer (“She" by Elvis Costello) may come across as a loving plea from Nick to find his missing wife. However, for those who know Amy Dunne’s true colors, the song works as an ominous sign about the story's dark territory. “She may be the face I can’t forget. The trace of pleasure or regret. Maybe my treasure of the price I have to pay…” goes the lyrics, later hinting at Amy’s multiple personalities. “She may be the beast or the beast, maybe the famine or the feast. Maybe turn each day into a heaven or a hell…. She may not be what she may seem.”

“Gone Girl” hits U.S. theaters Oct. 3, 2014.