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  • South Korean actor Lee Do-Hyun confirms his military enlistment
  • Lee Do-Hyun said he is not afraid to leave amid his recent drama's popularity
  • He expressed his desire to join a military unit with the toughest training

"The Good Bad Mother" and "The Glory" star Lee Do-Hyun confirmed that he will enlist in the military by this year.

Lee Do-Hyun's popularity increased even more after starring in two popular South Korean dramas, "The Glory" and "The Good Bad Mother," recently. His occult thriller movie "Pamyo" with Kim Go Eun is reportedly set to be released this year, too.

On Wednesday, the 28-year-old actor confirmed through an interview with News Culture his plan to join the army this year amid his rising popularity.

"I am not ashamed to leave. It is a place I have to go to anyway. I've always wanted to go to the army because there's more to learn when I go enlist," he said when asked if he has regrets about enlisting.

According to the actor, enlisting in the military will be a great help to further improve his acting skills.

"You can develop yourself more in the army. You can listen to people's experiences while being with your colleagues. I don't think there is anything better than that to improve my acting skills," Do-Hyun said, according to an English translation by a Lee Do-Hyun fan account.

Although there are no specific details about when and where he will enlist, Do-Hyun expressed his desire to be assigned to a military unit with the toughest training.

"I wanted to go to a unit that is said to be difficult, such as the Marine Corps and Special Forces," the actor continued. "I thought there would be a lot to learn if it was tough and difficult."

"I still don't know exactly when I will be in the army, but I have to go this year because I'm old," he added. "I can't wait to go."

Do-Hyun recently starred in the South Korean drama "The Good Bad Mother" as Kang Ho, the son of a pig farm owner and a prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office who lost his memory while uncovering the truth about his father's death.

The actor made a mark in the entertainment industry after starring in the drama series "Hotel del Luna." A year after, he won a Baeksang award for his performance in "18 Again."

He is also known for his roles in other South Korean dramas like "Sweet Home" and "Youth of May."

In April, the actor confirmed his relationship with actress Lim Ji Yeon, whom he met while filming Netflix's hit revenge drama "The Glory."

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