Good Behavior
Letty (Michelle Dockery) begins to sink back into her old ways on “Good Behavior” Season 2, episode 7. TNT

After putting Jacob in a situation that could affect him for the rest of his life, Letty finally realized that her life with Javier was not safe for a child and chose to let her son live with his grandmother. With Jacob no longer in her custody, Letty will struggle to accept that she isn’t a good mother on “Good Behavior” Season 2, episode 7.

“Realizing she and Javier (Juan Diego Botto) only do damage to one another, Letty (Michelle Dockery) tries to go back to her old life, but that might be even worse,” the synopsis for “Don’t Thank God, Thank Me” teases.

In the previous episode, Javier found out that Teo (Juan Riedinger) has been trying to kill him. He discovered this when he and Jacob (Nyles Julian Steele) got into the car to go meet Letty, and Teo held a gun to the little boy’s head. Although Javier was able to knock Teo out, it was clear that Jacob was traumatized by the incident, and Letty quickly realized that she may not be the best parent for her son.

In the promo for “Good Behavior” Season 2, episode 7, Jacob’s absence leads Letty back to pulling her old tricks and she is seen breaking into a hotel room and taking money that more than likely doesn’t belong to her.

Letty then reunites with Christian (Terry Kinney) and confesses that everything has gotten out of hand. Christian then questions her about Javier and Jacob’s whereabouts as images of Letty, looking as if she is under the influence at a club, play. Has Letty hit rock bottom without Jacob in her life?

“Javier will use any means necessary to get answers from the person who’s been trying to kill him,” the synopsis for “Don’t Thank God, Thank Me” says. After capturing Teo, Javier tied him up and left him in a hotel room and from the looks of the promo, the contract killer is far from finished with his old friend.

In the video of the TNT series, Javier is heard questioning Teo about why he has come back and is later seen brutally torturing him in the bathtub. Will Teo reveal who sent him to kill Javier or is he seeking his own revenge from the past?

“Good Behavior” Season 2, episode 7airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on TNT.