Good Wife
Cary (Matt Czuchry, pictured) is still stuck in prison in episode 2 of 'The Good Wife' Season 6. CBS

“The Good Wife” continues on Sunday, Sept. 28, and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) will be trying to get her partner, Cary (Matt Czuchry), out of prison. Cary was locked up in the premiere on drug trafficking charges for allegedly informing the henchman of one of their clients, Bishop (Mike Colter), of how to avoid jail time. The synopsis for the next episode, "Trust Issues," reveals that Cary might be locked up for a while.

While Alicia deals with Cary’s legal crisis, she must also deal with major changes at the firm. Diane (Christine Baranski), who agreed to leave Lockhart/Gardner for Alicia’s firm in the Season 5 finale, cannot legally speak to her clients about moving to Florrick/Agos. It'll be up to Alicia to meet with them and convince them to follow Diane to her firm. The Cary situation makes this move a tricky situation. To make matters worse, the synopsis teases that one of Alicia’s biggest clients is threatening to leave in the wake of Cary’s arrest.

A sneak peek scene shows that in her desperation to sort everything out with Cary, Alicia turns to her husband (and the governor), Peter (Chris Noth), for Cary’s bail money. But wanting to avoid a scandal, Peter will not give her the answer she wants.

Watch the sneak peek scene with Alicia and Peter below from episode 2 of "The Good Wife."

Meanwhile, Diane is plotting her switch to Florrick/Agos and is recruiting people from Lockhart/Gardner to join her. Fans know from the premiere that she has already extended an invitation to Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), but another sneak peak scene shows her bringing in another partner, played by Taye Diggs (“Private Practice”) in a guest-starring role.

Watch the sneak peek scene below.

There will be many more questions answered in the next episode. Will Eli (Alan Cumming) be able to convince Alicia to run for state’s attorney? Plus, did Kalinda find proof that Cary is actually guilty?

“The Good Wife” Season 6 episode 2 will air Sunday, Sept. 28, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS. Do you think Cary is guilty? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV.