The Good Wife
Alicia (Julianna Margulies) returned in the Season 6 premiere of "The Good Wife." CBS

When “The Good Wife” Season 5 ended, Eli (Alan Cumming) asked Alicia (Julianna Margulies) if she would run for State’s Attorney. In the Season 6 premiere, titled “The Line,” fans finally got their answer.

The episode began with Alicia adamantly refusing that she would ever consider running, but Eli is not giving up so easily. After polling showed that Alicia would win by a wide margin he is determined that she is his best option, despite protests by Alicia’s husband, the governor (Chris Noth) and Eli plotted to pursue Alicia anyway.

Meanwhile, Cary (Matt Czuchry) was blind sided while on his way to meet with Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) when he was arrested and thrown in prison without even being told the charges against him. When Kalinda was finally able to figure out what happened and get a hold of Alicia, she arrived just in time to hear Cary charged with helping to traffic a shipment of heroin with their client, drug lord Bishop (Mike Colter). The court alleged that during an earlier meeting with Bishop that he had told some of his men how to avoid arrest during an upcoming shipment.

With Cary’s bail set at a very high $1.3 million she first set out tell Bishop what happened worrying that if he found out on his own he might worry that Cary would become an informant on him. With Bishop assured, Alicia turned her attention to raising the bail money, a difficult task despite the whole firm working with her.

Kalinda, on the other hand, focused on clearing Cary’s name. She at first tracked down Bishop’s men hoping one would testify in Cary’s favor, but was warned against doing so by Bishop. She then tracked down Sophia (Kelli Giddish), the cop who warned her to stay away from Cary the night he was arrested and asks for the name of the informant who gave the police Cary. She threatened to turn Sophia in for helping her if she did not give her the name, but Sophia says she cannot, instead giving her a recording that she says proves Cary’s guilt.

Back at the courthouse, things continued to stack up against Alicia and Cary when Alicia was disqualified from representing Cary due to her connections with Bishop. Alicia turned to Diane (Christine Baranski), who is still in the process of moving her and her clients to Florrick Agos (under the suspicious eyes of Lockhard/Gardner), and Dianne agreed.

Then, Bishop showed up at Florrick/Agos with an unrelated “business owner” who offered to pay Cary’s bail. However, the court would not accept the money until it was sure it did not come from drug sales, leaving Cary stuck in prison at the end of the episode.

Will Alicia find a way to get Cary out of jail? Plus, after gaining Will’s (Chris Noth) blessing by the end of the episode, Eli is not going to let up about Alicia running for office. Fans will have to tune in next Sunday to find out what happens.

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