good witch season 2 halloween special
Bailee Madison talks drama for her "Good Witch" character Grace during the two-hour Hallmark Channel special. Hallmark Channel

It’s the season of the witch -- the “Good Witch,” that is! After months of anxiously waiting for the return of Hallmark Channel’s spellbinding drama, fans of “Good Witch” will finally reunite with their favorite mystical family this week during a two-hour sneak-peek special.

The Halloween installment, which will air Saturday, Oct. 24, will let audiences reconnect with Cassie (Catherine Bell), Grace (Bailee Madison), Dr. Sam (James Denton) and the show’s other beloved characters before “Good Witch” Season 2 premieres in 2016.

“One of the main reasons we decided to do this two-hour preview is that before the ‘Good Witch,’ [Hallmark Channel] always did a Halloween movie. And that is obviously something that established the fan base of ‘Good Witch’ and what our fans really love, so it didn’t seem right to take that away from them when that was something that really built the franchise in the first place,” Madison told International Business Times about what inspired the holiday preview, "Good Witch Halloween," before teasing what kind of magic would be twisted into its storyline.

“We thought it would be really fun to pick up on Halloween -- Grace and Cassie’s favorite time of the year,” the actress, who also stars on ABC Family’s “The Fosters,” said, noting that fans could anticipate “a lot of mystery” during the holiday special, specifically when a newcomer arrives in Middleton.

“The first time [Cassie meets the newcomer], she can’t sense anything. She can’t figure out if he’s mean or a good person,” Madison told IBT. “Cassie and Grace are very similar where they always like to believe the good in people. But for the first time, Cassie cannot figure it out, and that’s very troublesome for her because that’s [one of her gifts]. You’ll get to see her gifts and abilities be tested.”

But the mysterious wanderer won’t be the only one causing chaos in the festively decorated town of Middleton. According to Madison, Grace will come face to face with bullies during the Halloween special -- bullies who will cause Grace to forgo her beloved holiday traditions after her “witchy abilities” are mocked in school.

"Grace will distance herself from the Halloween tradition in hopes of saving her reputation in school and being cool and not the girl that all the mean girls want to pick on," the actress explained.

good witch season 2 halloween
Bailee Madison teases romance for Grace during Season 2 of "Good Witch." Hallmark Channel

Madison divulged that Season 2 will revolve around putting Grace in “different adult dynamics” and watching her discover who she is while learning to embrace her flaws and talents. “It’ll be a big growing experience for Grace,” the actress said, adding that part of that growing experience involves boys!

“Obviously [a romance] is something I push for all the time!” Madison revealed. “I’m like, ‘We need more romance for Grace!’ But we just started filming episode 4 -- it’s still early on in the season -- so I don’t know where [the writers are] going to go with it, but there have been some talks about some new people popping up for her!”

But never fear, Grace and Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) shippers! Madison revealed her former enemy will play a much different role in Season 2 -- one she’s excited for fans to see!

The two-hour "Good Witch Halloween" special airs Saturday, Oct. 24, at 9 p.m. EDT on the Hallmark Channel. Season 2 of “Good Witch” will air in 2016.