Cassie (Catherine Bell) has her hands full with helping people in Sunday’s new episode of “Good Witch” on Hallmark Channel, but, as always, she finds a way to work it all out. Get a glimpse of Cassie in action in International Business Times’ exclusive clip (watch above) from the upcoming broadcast.

When Cassie’s home remedies don’t seem to be doing the trick in helping one of her customer’s chronic headaches, she turns to Sam (James Denton) for a little help. At first, the customer isn’t too keen on a doctor getting involved because he wants to be cured with natural medicine, but Sam assures him that he’s open to exploring those options, making the client feel more at ease.

With the patron now in Sam’s hands, Cassie heads over to welcome Martha (Catherine Disher) into the shop and see what she needs.

“Cassie, Cassie, I need your undivided attention,” the mayor says in the clip as she makes her way into the store. “I need a grand-looking picture frame. Something to showcase an item of great importance.”

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Cassie (Catherine Bell) continues to use her magical ways to help people in Season 4, episode 5 of “Good Witch.” Crown Media / Shane Mahood

With Cassie being Cassie, she immediately has something in mind for Martha, quickly telling her, “I might have something like that right over here.” That makes the mayor quite happy because she explains that she has a “VIP guest” coming into town from the school that she graduated from and she wants to be able to show off her diploma in a nice frame when the guest arrives.

Though it’s likely been a while since Martha graduated from school, she hasn’t yet framed her diploma and instead simply has it rolled up. It’s not because she hasn’t had time, but because it didn’t mean that much to her originally.

“In my day, a Haverhill degree hardly meant a thing,” Martha says. “I mean, they just used to let in anyone. But since then, they’ve turned into a very well-respected school.”

With the school improving and an alum arriving in town soon, Martha’s ready to show off her school pride with a framed diploma, and Cassie’s there to help her.

Also in this “Good Witch” episode, titled “Written Like a Merriwick,” Grace (Bailee Madison) gets a heavy dose of inspiration to cure her writer’s block when an old trunk filled with her ancestor, Elizabeth Merriwick’s, belongings arrives at Grey House. After she gets her creative juices flowing, Grace impresses Martha with her writing, which leads to the mayor giving her a college interview over her friend. Though she’s happy about the opportunity, Grace is concerned that “magical inspiration gave her an unfair advantage,” the synopsis reveals. Meanwhile, Cassie spends some time helping a mother and daughter reconnect while staying at Grey House by recreating a photo from a past stay. As for Stephanie (Kylee Evans), she does her best to find the customer her who left a bad review about her bistro, but once she’s able to track the patron, she’s quite surprised by who it turns out to be.

“Good Witch” airs new episodes on Hallmark Channel on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT.