Hallmark Channel’s magical series, “Good Witch,” came back into our lives on Sunday with its Season 4 premiere, but the hour-long episode wasn’t nearly long enough for fans to get their fill. To help hold everyone over until the next new episode airs in a few days, International Business Times caught up with star Catherine Bell (Cassie) to get answers to some of the burning questions raised during the premiere.

International Business Times: In the Season 4 “Good Witch” premiere, Cassie and Sam [James Denton] kind of play step-parent to the other’s kid. Will we see more of that as they all become more of a family unit?

Catherine Bell: Definitely, we do have some episodes that deal with that, and it’s cool because I find Sam and Cassie…they’re not taking their own child’s side and against each other.

There’s really some moments when Sam and Grace [Bailee Madison] get to bond and have some really cool [moments] where she’s sort of looking at him as a father figure. It’s really sweet.

And [there is] another episode where I get to bond with Nick [Rhys Matthew Bond], so it’s nice to see us starting to go in that direction.

good witch 401 nick grace
Bailee Madison and Rhys Matthew Bond star as Grace and Nick in Hallmark’s “Good Witch.” Crown Media / Shane Mahood

IBT: Nick and Grace are pretending to get along for the parents’ sake. Will Cassie and Sam realize it’s all pretend? How long will their fight go on for?

Bell: There’s definitely some of that and it goes on for a little bit and it’s actually really cute. There’s an episode where we all take a vacation together and some of that comes up and out and of course, Sam and Cassie are not stupid, so they do notice.

It’s really cute how we all end up dealing with it and becoming closer through that.

IBT: Martha’s husband, Tom [Paul Miller], said to Cass one of the show’s most self-aware statements, “You give so much away, I don’t know how you stay in business.” How does she stay in business? Will this sort of be a premonition that the store might take a bit of a hit?

Bell: It’s funny, [at dinner last night], we were talking about that, it’s like Cassie’s just, she must be independently wealthy because she’s certainly not getting super rich from the bed and breakfast. But yeah, she just often gives stuff away. But, you know, we have thrown in some scenes where I do actually get to take money from customers and give them change. We have thrown those in there, but yeah, she’s obviously wealthy. She’s got this shop that has everything in it and a beautiful home. She must be magical because she does all that and she dresses the way she does and has a full buffet breakfast every day and the kitchen is spotless. There’s something magical going on there.

good witch 401 bell recap
Catherine Bell as Cassie spends time with James Denton’s Sam in the Season 4 premiere of “Good Witch.” Crown Media / Shane Mahood

IBT: Is there an episode that fans should look out for this season?

Bell: Gosh, there’s so many. The vacation one I just mentioned is pretty great. We go to this beautiful house on the lake, Sam’s vacation home, and we go up there and the kids get into some trouble and a couple of things pop up that are kind of intense and stressful and then we have to figure out how to get through them. It’s something that throws Cassie off, which she rarely ever gets thrown, so to have her be a little bit like, “Ah, I don’t know how to handle this situation,” is fun for me as an actress to play. And I just love the bonding time of them as a family unit.

“Good Witch” airs on Hallmark Channel on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT.