Friday marks one of the best days of the year to score a deal on any of those gadgets you’ve been to buy. Everything from clothes to kitchen appliances will be on sale for the day after Thanksgiving sale. If you’re hoping to get a Google product, you shouldn’t have to look very hard to find it at the right price.

Everything from the Google Pixel 2 to the Google Chromebooks will be on sale for the pre-holiday shopping day.

Google Home Black Friday 2017:

Google home products will be one of the many on sale for Black Friday. The Google Home Mini will be on sale for $29 at Walmart and Target where customers will receive a $10 gift card as well. Both Target and Walmart will also have the Chromecast on sale for $20 as well. The regular Google Home will be on sale for $79 at Target. Best Buy is offering these same prices as well.

Black Deal On Google Pixel Phone:

The Google Pixel 2 isn’t making many Black Friday ads this year. The phone is on the newer side and Google and other retailers seem reluctant to give huge discounts on it yet. Last year, Verizon had a deal on the Google Pixel XL that offered the phone for $23.74 a month, whether or not the company will offer a similar deal this year isn’t known yet. Some people think Verizon might sell the phone for as much as 50 percent off on the big day, 9to5 reported. But Verizon’s site currently says to check back on Thanksgiving to see the Black Friday deals, currently the company is only offering a buy one get one half off deal for the phone. Best Buy currently doesn’t have the Pixel 2 listed as part of its Black Friday deals.

Google Pixel Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will both have Portrait Mode for their cameras, a Music Recognition feature and a set of dual speakers up front. Photo: REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Chromebook Black Friday 2017 Sales:

If you’re looking for a new laptop but don’t need one with all the bell and whistles that come with a built in operating system a Chromebook might be the right way to go. They run on Google’s Chrome OS when they’re connected to the internet, but they offer quick web browsing and support the Android applications that are available from Google Play.

There are a number of companies that make Chromebooks, including Acer, HP and Samsung all of which will be offering deals for Black Friday. Acer has been offering deals all month long for “Black November” including discounts on its Chromebooks. The Chromebook 14 is currently discounted by more than $200 on the Acer website.

Samsung is also offering several deals on its Chromebooks. The Chromebook Plus and Pro are both eligible for $100 discounts and the Chromebook 3, with either 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM are currently discounted by $30 on the Samsung website.

Amazon has a whole section of computers and electronics included in its Black Friday deals where you’ll find the HP Chromebook 11-G5 on sale for $190 and the ASUS Chromebook C300SA on sale for $170, down from $229.

Samsung Chromebook Pro The Samsung Chromebook Pro comes with an all-metal body design and a high resolution screen. Photo: Chrome Unboxed