Google added another feature, the Street View, to its Google Maps driving directions, allowing drivers to better understand the streets and intersections as they follow directions on the map.

The driving directions and Street View were separate features of Google Maps site.

Google said that the two features were combined to allow users get a better picture of their route alongside turn by turn information.

Google Maps users will only have to click camera icons to get photos of the route along with an arrow showing which way to go, and a green marker at the end to show that the driver has arrived at the final destination.

By viewing Street View images, alongside directions, drivers have visual context for intersections and action points along their route enabling them to be aware of landmarks and other factors such as tolls, speed limits, size of the road and the availability of parking at their destination, said Google.

Google said that the service is currently available in cities and streets currently covered by Street View.

After the launching of its Street View feature in five cities way back in May 2007, Google has now expanded the 360 degree street level imagery in 44 regions across the country.