Describing and figuring out how to get from point A to point B has always been an issue of taste. Some people like landmarks, other people like crossroads and some people have their own markings.

Thanks to Google's Map Maker, users will be able to create maps easier and more detailed. The service has already been available in 15 percent of the world's population, or 183 countries and regions across the world.

Amateur cartographers or map makers can add their own places, which for some reason might not be on the current Google Map. They can add descriptions, bike lines, or specific buildings that might not be labeled. Each possible addition will be looked over for review and edit, similar to how Wikipedia adds new material. Once the edit is approved, Google said the revised map will appear within minutes.

Map Maker users have mapped entire cities, road networks and universities that were never previously recorded online. These contributions have been incorporated into Google Maps and Google Earth, so the collective expertise of the Map Maker community benefits the millions of people using these products globally, Google said in the blog.

Map Maker will also be used in coordination with the Street View camera. Meaning once users zoom in to street level, they can find the map maker places or destinations they added.

Here is a tutorial of the new feature from Google.

Credit: Google