• Google Maps is an easy and effective tool to help users with direction
  • Google Maps has a lot of features that could make users' life less stressful
  • Not many users know that they can use Google Maps even when they have no Internet connection

There are many things that make life more stressful these days. Thankfully, when it comes to transportation, Google Maps for both Android and iOS can help us lighten the weighs of everyday stress. Here is a rundown of some tips and tricks about Google Maps that you must know.

Google Maps Can Help You See Where You’re Walking

Google Maps Live View is a handy feature that allows users to see where he is walking. Some people find trying tricky and nauseous to follow a small blue dot to know where they are going. Thankfully, the Live View tool of Google Maps allows users to see exactly where they are going by just holding up their phone screen. The feature utilizes the device’s camera to scan buildings and establishments around and places a big arrow on the phone’s display to help users find the exact location where they need to be.

Be Invisible With Incognito Mode

The new incognito mode is only available to Android users using Google Maps. This feature allows users to go incognito or hide their location from other Google Maps users. Aside from the user’s location, the location that the users searched could also be hidden.

To set the incognito mode, open the Google Maps app and tap on the profile icon located on the top right corner. Select Turn On Incognito Mode, and when you are ready to turn the mode off, you can follow the same steps and select Turn Off Incognito Mode.

Google Maps
Google Maps users will now be able to control their music without switching apps. Google

Google Maps Offline

It is one of the most convenient features of Google Maps that never fails. At times, you need directions, but you are in a place where there is poor or no signal at all. At this most opportune time, you can count on Google Maps. The app allows you to download your route ahead of time, so you never get lost even without an Internet connection.

Quickly Find Your Parked vehicle

Knowing where you can or cannot park is crucial, especially when you are running late to an appointment or work. Instead of driving around, hoping to find a parking spot, you can use Google Maps to point you on the right track.