Need a ride? Now you don’t have to leave Google Maps to get one. A new feature being added by the search giant to its popular navigation app will allow users to hail an Uber without ever leaving Google Maps.

The new feature is an expansion on Google’s previous Uber integration, which allowed users to check price estimates for rides and start the process of ordering an Uber, but the process required jumping over to the Uber app to complete the transaction.

Now users in need of a lift won’t have to swipe a finger outside of Google Maps. The app will prompt users for their Uber account information, which will provide Google Maps with any linked information including payment methods.

How To Hail An Uber With Google Maps

First things first, make sure your Google Maps app is up to date. The version number will vary depending on your device and operating system, but the update issued on Jan. 12, offers the in-app Uber feature.

Enter your destination and Google Maps will show you a variety of ways to get there. Select the icon that shows a figure with a hand up. This will display available ride services, including Uber and Lyft, with price estimates.

Select your ride, tap the “Request” button in the lower right, and Google Maps will start the process of hailing your Uber.

From here, you’ll have to sign in to your Uber account. Once signed in, you’ll be able to do everything you normally would from within the Uber app—book a trip, track your driver on the map, and connect with the driver—through Google Maps.

Users won’t even have to have the Uber app installed on their device once logged in through Google Maps—a feature that may ease the minds of those weirded out by the recent Uber update that requests users share their location even when not using the app.

Once your account information has been entered, Google Maps will offer a prompt on the screen that will display the credit card linked to the Uber account to confirm the payment is correct and will show how far the driver is from pick up. Hit the “Book” button and the driver will be on their way.