Google+ has issues with privacy
A "reshare" button is becoming the root of problem. REUTERS

Google’s newest creation Google+, which has been widely hailed by all, has received its first major privacy complaint.

The social network is reported to have a bug that lets users “reshare” content with everyone regardless of any private circle they belong to.

Users have had problems with the reshare button which not only sends their private material to the people they know, but even to others who are complete strangers. The problem arises from the “coworkers” circle, where any posted material can be reshared. By doing so the material becomes public and easy for everybody to access.

Google+, in reality, is supposed to be Tumblr’s version of “reblog” or Twitter’s version of “retweet”. A click on the reshare button can actually expose every private detail like photos and other materials of a user to the whole world.

There is, however, an option to disable the reshare button, but what happens when someone is unaware of that fact?

The button can’t even be completely deactivated from the user’s settings, according to a ZDNet report.

A partial fix, however, is available at the moment in the form of a drop-down menu which will allow the users to deactivate the button even after they have posted.