Google Pixel
The successor to last year’s Pixel phone may not come with a display notch according to recently leaked renders. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Looks like Google isn’t jumping on the display notch bandwagon. Leaked illustrations of Android P apparently suggest that its upcoming Pixel 3 smartphone won’t have the feature that Apple’s iPhone X popularized.

A render of the Pixel 3 in full color was recently leaked via SlashLeaks, and it appears to show a completely notch-less device. The phone in the illustrations was believed to be running Android P. It’s also very noticeable that the alleged handset has a bigger screen-to-body ratio than its predecessors.

Unfortunately, SlashLeaks has already issued its verdict over the purported render. The tech leaks focused aggregator busted the image as a fanmade render, so it does not confirm anything about the real Pixel phone in the works.

However, it should be noted that on May 19, a different render was shared on SlashLeaks and that one also showed what appears to be a device with edge-to-edge display that does not have a notch on top. That render was from the Android P beta.

According to Forbes, the leaked image was buried within the latest Android P beta settings and can be viewed by beta testers when they follow this direction: Settings>Sounds>Shortcut to Prevent Ringing.

The leak has baffled a lot of Pixel fans and techie people because Google previously confirmed that Android P will support the notches or cutout — as what the company prefers to call it. In March, developers were given the chance to test out the new feature that was hinting at the presence of the notch in Google’s upcoming Pixel phone, as per The Verge.

Seeing the leaked illustration from the Android P beta doesn’t make sense. But if true, then consumers who are not big fans of display notches will surely love the Pixel 3. One curious thing about the render though is that it doesn’t seem to have a front-facing camera. Given the bezel-less design and the very slim rims running around the edges of the handset, there is no place to put the lens and sensors.

Since nothing has been confirmed thus far, fans are encouraged to take the leaks with a grain of salt. After all, it is still best to learn about the official design and features of the Pixel 3 from Google.