pixel phone by google
The Pixel is Google’s premium Android smartphone and is available exclusively on Verizon in the U.S. Google

The Google Pixel device, despite crunching high sales numbers, has several flaws, most of which are related to software. After reports of camera and connectivity problems, audio issues were highlighted by Pixel customer Mark Buckman on Monday.

Buckman posted on Reddit that four of his Google Pixel XL devices and his wife’s Google Pixel were suffering from a static distortion problem, which resulted in crackling and popping sounds when the device was at its highest volume. Buckman even held a poll among users on Strawpoll.me and found that 66 percent of polled subjects stated that they were facing the issue.

Buckman posted a video Tuesday of the device without the audio issues, thanks to a workaround, which involves rooting your device.

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Google Pixel devices’ audio issues can be gotten rid of by flashing custom ROMs after rooting the devices. We wouldn’t advice rooting your device unless you know what you are doing. If you know how to do it, here are the steps:

1. Unlock the Bootloader. You can do this by connecting the device to a PC and enabling Developer Options and USB debugging in the Settings. You will need the ADB and Fastboot software on PC for doing so.

2. Install the TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) recovery image.

3. Flash the device with WETA Audio mod for Pixel (Universal) 9.1.

If you are not familiar with rooting, we would suggest waiting for the official software update to fix the issues.