Google Stadia has everybody at the edge of their sites with a lot of questions about the cloud-based gaming platform that is set to be released this November, and these have been answered below.

Entitled Stadia FAQ, Google updated the Google Support page on July 3 with almost all answers to every question that gamers would ask about Stadia. This comes as a follow up after the company disclosed most about the platform during the E3 2019.


Google neither confirmed nor denied that they will support VR games. However, the company clarified that, should Stadia support VR, gamers may have to wait sometime before seeing them happen.

Supported Devices and Subscriptions

Stadia will be exclusively available on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a, 3a XL, and 3XL devices with provisions of game purchase made available for iOS 11 devices and above and Android M devices and above. Google's gaming platform, however, will only be available for the said devices if they already have access to the Stadia app.

To sign up for Stadia, users may use any personal Google account. A special redemption code will then be sent to the email account provided.

If subscribers wish to stop their subscription, all their pre-recorded progress will be kept on their account. The history will be retrieved when the user decides to resubscribe.


Google confirmed that Stadia will feature multiplayer content on the platform. The company assured that they are continuously working out with developers and publishers to create the best gaming experience for their gamers. During a local multiplayer game, Stadia can support up to a maximum of four Stadia controllers.


Stadia Pro subscribers may enjoy the 60 FPS quality 4K HDR of game streaming. A 1080p and 60 FPS streaming, on the other hand, can be expected for non-Stadia subscribers with better gaming experience for higher quality connections.

External Support and Accessories

For gameplay, a Stadia Controller uses Wi-Fi while depends on BLE for setup. It is designed with USB-C port so that gamers may be able to connect it to a computer, phone or tablet.

Other Special Features

A viewer of a live stream will be allowed to join in the game through the Crowd Play. This feature provides a direct interaction between the stream creator and the live stream viewer.

Google also assured that their subscribers’ Stadia purchased games will remain available even if the publisher pulls them out.