Google will face charges pressed by the patent management company Isys Technologies for copyright infringement. Isys alleges that the terms Chromebook and Chromebox, brand names of devices that use Google Chrome OS, copies from its Chromium PC brand.

A lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the District of Utah in Salt Lake City, seeking a temporary restraining order that prevents Google from marketing devices based on Chrome OS as 'Chromebook' and 'Chromebox' and from launching them on June 15.

Amazon, Acer, Samsung and BestBuy, which are Google's partners, are also named in the suit. Isys alleges that Google wasn't ready to reason with them and went about disputing the copyrights, which forced them to file the lawsuit.

We do not begrudge anyone the ability to create new products and take them to market, unless they infringe on our intellectual property. For more than 18 months, we've been using, marketing, promoting and selling ChromiumPC Modular Computers, Jason A. Sullivan, president and CEO of ISYS Technologies, said in a statement on BusinessWire.

Google hasn't issued a statement regarding the lawsuit. It is unclear whether the scheduled launch of Chromebooks will be delayed owing to the court case.