• Google has announced a Samsung Galaxy teaser just recently
  • No details on what this surprise would be on the upcoming Samsung event
  • The upcoming Samsung Unpacked event is happening this February 11

Google has recently confirmed that it has a surprise waiting for fans in the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event this February. The upcoming event is expected to reveal the next Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. What could Google be planning to show for this event?

According to the official Google Android Twitter page, a short trailer has been released showcasing the Android and the Samsung event. The “N” letter in Android is a Samsung Galaxy box and the camera closes in. After closing in, the first letter “A” in the Galaxy box closes into another Android box again and again.

Google has yet to reveal any solid details about this teaser. The upcoming Samsung Unpacked event will happen this coming February 11. The event will also be livestreamed allowing fans who can’t attend a chance to see the reveal in real time.

The upcoming Samsung Unpacked is expected to be the official event when the new Samsung Galaxy S20 will be officially shown to the public. Potentially, Google’s teaser could be about adding something new to this device. A new exclusive feature to the Samsung smartphone could help it go against Apple’s advances on the iOS and the latest iPhone 11 features.

Moreover, Samsung is the current leading partner of the Google Android smartphone operating system (OS) as Huawei has been banned from working with American companies. As Google’s partnership with Huawei has been left unclear, it could have focused with adding something new to Samsung’s smartphones.

Meanwhile, Samsung fans on the Twitter post speculate that the upcoming Samsung smartphones to be released this year would be loaded with stock Android operating systems. Smartphones with stock Android installed have immediate access to the latest OS updates every time it is released. Companies like Samsung, Huawei and other Android smartphone manufacturers often have to release the update later to finetune it better for their smartphones.

For now, fans will have to wait for the Samsung Unpacked event to see what the new surprise is supposed to be.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 Kārlis Dambrāns(CC BY 2.0)