• Samsung requests the UK Intellectual Property to trademark the term Super ISO
  • The Super ISO feature would be available in the entire lineup of Samsung Galaxy S20, according to a new report
  • Samsung Unpacked event is reportedly the venue where the company would reveal the Galaxy S20 series along with other new products

Samsung would showcase its next generation flagship smartphone to the world next month. Consumers will finally see the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S20 series and what it could offer. Ahead of the release, a trademark submitted by the company reveals details of the Super ISO of the series.

Just like the term Super AMOLED, the South Korean tech and electronics giant now wants to trademark the term Super ISO. It is the company’s way of telling the consumers that it has added extras on the standard offer. For instance, Super AMOLED by Samsung offers a much sharper screen compared to the regular AMOLED display available.

The same goes for the Super ISO feature of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Based on the trademark, it refers to camera image sensors for video cameras, tablets, and smartphones. It also mentions the role of software in the capability of the camera sensor.

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Initially, the term ISO refers to the standard of the film and eventually became a standard for the camera. The term also applies to the global standards for the levels of camera brightness. In the world of photography, the term ISO refers to the image sensor’s light sensitivity.

A higher ISO means brighter photo details. Last year, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S10 series with an ISO range that peaked at 3200. It appears that the might double or offer even higher ISO level to the galaxy S20 lineup. It is also safe to assume that the upcoming series would provide much higher exposure levels, ideal for low-light environment or shots during dawn, dusk, or at night.

In addition to the Super ISO, Samsung will also introduce the term Space Zoom, according to GSMArena. The site claims that recent renders show that the term could be found next to the periscope camera of the higher-end model of the S20 series, the S20 Ultra. The latest request for the trademark of the term Super ISO filed by Samsung at the UK Intellectual Property was reported by the Dutch site LetsGoDigital.

The latest information aligns with the tip Ice Universe recently posted on Twitter. The reliable tech and gadget sleuth shared that Super ISO would be available to the entire lineup of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung smartphone MOHI SYED/