Iconic K-pop boyband GOT7 members revealed it might take some time before they can return on stage as a group.

The third-generation boy band shared new behind-the-scenes footage of its fan meeting in Seoul in May when the members reunited to greet fans and promote the release of their album. In the video, the seven singers shared backstage preparations for the show as well as their fun interactions with fans.

The video, which was uploaded on the group's official YouTube page Wednesday, began with the members discussing their excitement for the second day of their fan meeting held at the S.K. Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

"I feel better than yesterday," the group's youngest member and main dancer, Yugyeom said in the video. "I have a hoarse voice but it doesn't hurt. Laryngitis," he added.

"A lot of fans came. Since it's the last day, I will do my best. Through this event, we showed our fans that we can get back together," Youngjae pointed out.

GOT7 band members left their label, JYP Entertainment, in 2021 citing differences in how the company wanted to promote them as solo artists. The band members proved their critics wrong and instead of announcing disbandment, Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Yugyeom, Bambam, Jinyoung and Jay B returned as a group in May with a self-titled album under Warnic Music Korea.

Aside from releasing their first self-produced album, GOT7 also became the first South Korean boy band to own its full trademark rights to its name which means the members can continue performing as GOT7 without legal troubles. The members were able to showcase their songwriting skills in the new six-track album. The band's lead single, "Nanana," was composed by group leader Jay B who also penned "Truth" and "Don't Leave Me Alone."

After the group sang "Don't Leave Me Alone" at the fan meet, Jay B said: "It has a message that someday, the seven of us will again perform together. Please don't forget us. Listen to it when you think of us."

At the end of the video, the members gave a final word to their fans.

Jackson said, "I am thinking, 'When will this moment come again?'

"I think we did a good job. Our fans liked it. I don't know when all seven of us will perform together again but please remember this moment and wait for us," Jay B said at the end of the video before the group made its final bow as GOT7.