• Jackson Wang's upcoming album is named "Magicman" 
  • Wang said he was swamped with work a year and a half ago, which made him feel "lost"
  • He added talking to his friends helped him sort his feelings

Jackson Wang described the tracks in his upcoming album “Magicman” as “raw” and different from his past music, as they reflected a challenging time in is life.

Wang had dropped by the "Fun with Dumb" podcast Wednesday to promote his soon-to-be released album “Magicman,” which he described was a mix of pop grunge and little rock.

While speaking to the hosts of the podcast, Wang said he hit a low point just when he was working on his new album. The “Hard Carry” singer blamed his workaholic nature on his predicament, which was eventually solved after a few friends intervened.

"I was going through my lows a year and a half ago where I was just drinking every day by myself and it was very negative,” Wang told host Jon Park. “I’m a workaholic and [not a person] who would wanna talk with my friends or communicate with people when I run into stuff.”

“I have been in this industry for 8, 9 years and one day, I was lost. Every day schedules after schedules, it felt like a loop. I was lost. I was uninspired and I didn’t know what to do. It felt like ‘is this what I really want?’”

He said he was recording in the studio when his producer stopped the session and had a serious talk with him. The following week, his music director and stylist also got him to talk about his issues. Those talks, he said, helped him clear his head and get his groove back.

“The words that they said, it felt like magic to me. I never thought words mean sh**,” the 28-year-old Chinese-born K-pop superstar said.

Also in the interview, Wang spoke his mind about haters.

“I feel like, good comments I’m blessed. Negative comments, I’m blessed because they’re taking that time to type that sh** and in some way, I feel like it’s a way of them releasing stress,” he said.

Wang and members of boy band GOT7 released their latest self-titled album on May 23 -- a year and a half after parting ways with their management label, JYP Entertainment. In the same month, the group held a successful two-day fan meeting in Seoul.

GOT7 Jackson Wang
GOT7 Jackson attended the opening ceremony of his own wax statue at Hong Kong Madame Tussaud¡®s on 29 July, 2019 in Hongkong, China. TPG/Getty Images