GOT7 vocalist and dancer Jackson Wang weighed in on his experiences of promoting as part of a boy band and as a solo artist and revealed it is more fun when his groupmates are around.

Wang and the rest of GOT7 starred in the group’s 2022 Fancon Homecoming event held over the weekend in Seoul. In the event, the K-pop idols were visibly emotional while singing their tracks as they marked a successful reunion after immersing themselves in their own solo careers. During the break from musical performances, Wang told loyal fans, known as Ahgase, that performing with the group is more fun because of the backstage atmosphere.

GOT7 members, comprised of Wang, Mark Tuan, Jinyoung, Bambam, Youngjae, Yugyeom and Jay B, are known for their close relationship, which started when they were trainees for JYP Entertainment. Wang said when he is with the boy band, waiting rooms can be likened to a “playground.” But when he is promoting music by himself, he feels alone in waiting rooms because there is no one he could make jokes with.

A fan tweeted Wang’s statement on the fancon and wrote, “Jackson ending meant: When the 7 of us gathered after a long time, the tension was just crazy. The waiting room wasn’t a waiting room, it was a playground. It was Everland! It was so fun.”

The seven-piece act held their much-anticipated fan event Saturday and Sunday at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium over a year after they parted ways with JYP Entertainment in January 2021. The music studio launched the careers of the K-pop megastars in 2014 with their first album, “Got It?”

Since their split from JYP Entertainment, GOT7 members have embarked on solo careers, with Wang successfully carving his own musical path with the release of “LMLY” in April 2021, which he also performed on “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

Born Wang Ka-Yee, the Hong Kong-based musician, is also a television host in mainland China and is also the founder of a record label, Team Wang.

Also, during the musical event, fans praised the parents of two members of the group for giving out food outside the venue.

“Jaebeom and Jinyoung's parents giving out the rice cakes.. they're so nice this is cutee,” a fan tweeted.

GOT7 Jackson Wang
GOT7 Jackson attended the opening ceremony of his own wax statue at Hong Kong Madame Tussaud¡®s on 29 July, 2019 in Hongkong, China. TPG/Getty Images