Gotham Season 2 Ep. 18 Recap
Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz, left) and Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk, right) find out who’s behind the murder of the Waynes in episode 18 of “Gotham” Season 2. Fox

Bruce Wayne has finally learned who is responsible for the murder of his parents on “Gotham” Season 2. In episode 18, Bruce learned of Hugo Strange’s involvement, but there are soon going to be bigger issues at hand as the boss of Arkham Asylum has resurrected a villain from the dead.

Episode 18 begins with Barbara (Erin Richards) showing up at Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) to try to convince him that she’s not insane anymore. She says all of the horrible things she did weren’t her and asks Gordon for forgiveness. He doesn’t trust her and he asks her to leave, but she stops him when she sees he’s working on the Wayne case. She recognizes a photo in the file of The Lady (Michelle Gomez) and offers to help Gordon find her, but he says no thanks and kicks her out.

Bruce (David Mazouz) and Lucius (Chris Chalk) find a possible black ops program called Pinewood Farms on Thomas Wayne’s computer and Bruce decides to look into it with or without Alfred’s (Sean Pertwee) help. Bruce believes the answers depend on finding a girl named Karen Jennings (Julia Taylor Ross).

Gordon, who’s still not back to being a cop, takes to the streets with brass knuckles to find The Lady, the contractor of assassins including Matches Malone. After fighting his way through a few hit men, Gordon is able to trace The Lady back to a club.

Alfred and Bruce show up at Jennings’ cabin, but no one answers the door. Bruce breaks into the home and Alfred gets attacked by her with what he thinks is some kind of knife. Bruce raises a gun to her, but then puts it down telling her he only wants to talk. Alfred picks the gun back up to try to get her to drop her weapon, but she can’t because Strange has given her a sort of sharp reptilian hand.

Bruce questions Jennings about Pinewood Farms, but Jennings refuses to answer questions at first, fearing Bruce will end up getting killed like his father. After further questioning, she caves and tells him Pinewood Farms was a secret bioengineering program that did experiments on people; it was off the books at Wayne Enterprises. When Thomas Wayne found out about it he had it shut down. However, years later someone reopened the program, which is what brought Thomas Wayne back into the fold.

Jennings says she doesn’t have any names, but can remember the face of the man who promised to heal her disabled arm, only to make her into a monster. Bruce talks her into showing him and Alfred where the facility is.

Gotham Season 2 Episode 18
Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie, standing) fights for answers about the Wayne murders in episode 18 of “Gotham” Season 2. Fox

Back at the club, Gordon goes to speak with The Lady but is stopped by a guard. Barbara shows up and again offers to get Gordon his answers because she knows how much the case means to him and that it will help him close off the past.

Barbara comes up with a plan to make it seem like she’s turning Gordon over to The Lady as revenge for him taking out many of her clients. She then gets The Lady to tell Gordon everything about the Wayne contract, which was set up by a man named The Philosopher. Barbara then hits The Lady and her guard with a Taser to allow Gordon to escape.

Jennings takes Bruce and Alfred to the facility where she was once held, but it’s completely abandoned. Bruce believes she knows more than she’s letting on and when she goes to tell him something, two men show up who were watching the place for Strange. Jennings kills one, while Alfred shoots the other. When they all go to escape they are taken into custody by GCPD cars outside.

Despite getting help from Barbara, Gordon can’t forgive her for trying to kill Lee (Morena Baccarin). Barbara just wants him to see that she's not a monster, but he leaves her when he gets a call from Bruce.

Bruce fills Gordon in on what he has learned about Pinewood while Gordon tells him about The Philosopher. Gordon wants Jennings to help them identify The Philosopher, but first they’ll have to break her out of Blackgate prison. Meanwhile, Strange has sent Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) to take care of her before she talks.

Gordon, Alfred and Bruce are able to capture the van Jennings was being transferred in after tricking a guard and knocking out another. While they drive away, Jennings tells Bruce that Thomas Wayne was like a father to her and would look after her. She also revealed that Thomas Wayne started Pinewood, but had good intentions for it. He was later betrayed by the man running it.

Mr. Freeze shows up and causes the truck to crash. Gordon and Alfred try to stop him, but his suit is bulletproof. Jennings hugs Bruce and then turns herself over to Freeze. Freeze turns her into an ice sculpture with his freeze gun before shattering her into pieces. Gordon then grabs Bruce to avoid Freeze from turning them to ice with a freeze grenade.

Bruce blames himself for the death of Karen and thinks now they’ll never discover who The Philosopher is. Lucius walks in after doing research and discovers a company photo with workers’ nicknames. Next to Thomas Wayne is Hugo Strange, and Bruce realizes his father was betrayed by a friend.

Strange spent most of episode 18 trying to bring a body back to life and it turns out it’s Theo Galavan (James Frain). Strange succeeds and watches as Theo kills several of Strange’s assistants and refers to himself as Azrael as the episode ends.