Gotham Episode 13 Recap
Lee (Morena Baccarin, left) does her best to keep Nora (Kristen Hager) alive for Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) in episode 13 of "Gotham" Season 2. Fox

Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow) is quickly going down the road to becoming the villain Mr. Freeze on Fox’s “Gotham.” While the scientist might be committing evil deeds out of love for his wife, another character has worse intentions in mind for Freeze. A strange partnership was formed by the end of episode 13, titled “A Dead Man Feels No Cold,” that could shake things up for Gotham City in a major way.

When episode 13 begins, Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Bullock (Donal Logue) and the GCPD are hunting down Freeze. They track him to a chemical plant that has liquid helium, but when Gordon and Bullock arrive they find police officers frozen solid. Freeze was to escape with the liquid nitrogen and left a note on a block of ice with a message for the police: “Free my wife.”

Capt. Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is furious that Freeze wants his wife released after he froze seven police officers. He comes up with a plan to move Nora to the medical wing at Arkham to lure Freeze there so they can catch him. Lee is treating Nora, and she tells Gordon that she will be going with her. Gordon isn’t happy about this because he’s worried about putting her and the baby in danger.

Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) is trying to crack Freeze’s cryogenic secret of freezing people and bringing them back, but he’s having trouble. Ms. Peabody (Tonya Pinkins) informs him that the GCPD is bringing Nora to Arkham to trap Freeze, which makes Strange very happy because now Freeze will come right to him.

Penguin gets put through some sort of electroshock therapy by Strange. After going through the harsh treatment, Penguin starts to cooperate around Arkham more. When Gordon and Bullock arrive, they see Penguin and believe he’s been drugged. Strange says they put him on a sedative to keep him from hurting himself, but it’s really a part of Strange’s agenda.

Jim sets the police up near the front gate to prepare for Freeze. Penguin is being taken across the grounds by guards and he yells for Gordon. When Gordon goes to talk to him, Penguin says he’s being tortured, but Gordon doesn’t believe him and he refuses to help. Penguin starts yelling about how Gordon is the one that killed Theo Galavan (James Frain) as Strange watches him from a security feed.

Alfred (Sean Pertwee) wants Bruce (David Mazouz) to stop lying to him about his plans for finding his parents' killer. When Bruce agrees, Alfred reveals that he has learned the killer's name. It's Matches Malone, and Alfred tells Bruce that when they find him he will be the one that kills him because Bruce is too young to have a death on his conscience.

Mr. Freeze arrives at Arkham and sets up a diversion at the gate using a truck, because he knows he’s walking into a trap. While police deal with a truck that crashes through the gate, Freeze breaks his way through a back wall at the asylum and starts to look for Nora.

Hugo Strange and Ms. Peabody
Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) and Ms. Peabody (Tonya Pinkins) have plans to use Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow, not pictured) to further their research at Indian Hill on "Gotham" Season 2. Fox

Strange decides to help Freeze avoid the police, but eventually locks Freeze in a room. He tells him he’ll make sure he gets out free and offers him a getaway car in exchange for one of the cryogenic solution containers that Freeze uses in his gun. Freeze agrees and leaves a container, while taking keys to the getaway car.

When Gordon goes to movie with Lee and Nora, Freeze arrives and blasts Gordon’s gun away from him. Freeze wants Lee to come with him and his wife so she can continue to take care of her, but he makes Gordon stay behind and freezes him in a closet.

Bullock and Gordon figure out that the only place Freeze could have taken them was back to his house. Freeze is preparing to freeze his wife at their home, but she wants him to let her die. She asks him to get a necklace for her before he freezes her and she switches out the freeze gun container with a formula that doesn’t work so it will kill her. He then comes back, kisses her goodbye and freezes her without realizing she made the switch.

Freeze looks at his frozen wife and she begins to crack. He realized she switches out the cartridges and is extremely upset. The police surround the house and he tells Lee to go tell them he’ll do as they say. When she goes upstairs he freezes himself and Gordon finds both Freeze and his wife in the basement.

Strange tells the police that Freeze died at Arkham, but he really took him to Indian Hill. Strange was able to save him, but Freeze now can’t survive in temperatures below freezing. Strange also reveals he made changes to Freeze’s suit so that someday he can walk freely in the world. However, Strange wants Freeze’s help with something, which looks like it will be with bringing back to life Theo, who is in a container at Indian Hill.

Other Major Moments From Episode 13:

  • Throughout the episode, Nora and Lee shared a bond. Nora told Lee that her husband was once a good man, but she didn’t stop him when she saw the man he was becoming. This reminded Lee of what’s going with Gordon as she sees a change in him, which is starting to affect their relationship. Lee knows that Gordon wasn’t telling her the truth about what happened to Theo.
  • Selina (Camren Bicondova) drops in to visit Bruce, and he asks her for a gun so he can kill Matches Malone. Selina doesn’t want to do it because Bruce will never be the same if he kills someone, which he says he’s counting on.