Gotham Episode 16 Synopsis
Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) will struggle with life in prison in episode 16 of "Gotham" Season 2. Fox

Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has had to make tough choices on Fox's "Gotham" Season 2. In episode 15, Gordon had to deal with the consequences of one of them. In one of the most shocking moments ever on the series, he was arrested and taken to prison after being set up for the murder of Officer Pinkney by Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith). Now Gordon will turn to friends to try and clear his name in episode 16, titled "Prisoners."

According to the synopsis, Gordon will make a "new friend" who will help him survive inside prison once he's taken out of protective custody and joins the other inmates. In the episode 16 promo video, jail looks like it could break Gordon, as he's shown getting beaten up by a large group of inmates. On the outside, Bullock (Donal Logue) will try to prove that Gordon was not involved in the murder of Pinkney and get his partner out of jail.

While it may appear that Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) turned over a new leaf and chose to live a life doing good, this could soon change. Penguin met his long-lost father Elijah Van Dahl (Paul Reubens) and has moved into his home with his family. While Elijah is welcoming, the other Van Dahl's have something else up their sleeves. His step-mother Grace (Melinda Clarke) and step-siblings, Sasha (Kaley Ronayne) and Charles (Justin Mark), will move forward with their own "plans" for the family as Penguin gets closer with Elijah.

The promo video teased what these plans could be. Elijah reveals that Penguin is his only blood relative, which freaks out the rest of the family because they fear they'll now miss out on the large amount of money that comes with his inheritance. They try to reveal to Elijah that Penguin is a criminal, while Sasha wants to get involved with Penguin on a plan to take out Elijah.

Another character going through changes is Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), who is starting to show the characteristics of Batman. After taking a beating from Butch's (Drew Powell) nephew, Bruce refused to stay down and kept getting up to fight. He told Selina (Camren Bicondova) he felt unbreakable and learned from Alfred (Sean Pertwee) how to outlast a bigger opponent. What will the future Dark Knight learn next as he continues to live on the street with Selina?

Watch a promo for Episode 16 below:

"Gotham" episode 16 airs Monday, March 28 on Fox at 8 p.m. EDT.