Michelle Veintimilla
Michelle Veintimilla, pictured at the 2014 premiere of Starz Digital Media's "Not Cool" in Los Angeles, will appear on "Gotham" this season as Firefly. Getty

"Gotham" Season 2 isn't being dubbed as rise of the villains for nothing. With villains like the Penguin, Joker, Riddler, Tigress and Catwoman, Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is going to have his hands full, especially now that some extra heat will be coming his way.

TVLine reports supervillain Firefly will be appearing on the show this season, except it won't be how the villain is usually portrayed. Michelle Veintimilla has been cast for the role -- a male character in DC Comics. She will appear in the fifth and sixth episodes of the upcoming second season.

This is the official description of Veintimilla's character, according to IGN: "Enslaved by her brothers, a notorious gang of arsonists, Bridgit Pike is forced into the family business. When she catches the eye of Selina Kyle, the young Cat Woman and the soon-to-be-Firefly team up to put Bridgit’s firestarting skills to good use. But after a deadly encounter with the Pike Brothers, the meek Cinderella is transformed into a vengeful supervillain, hell bent on destroying those who have wronged her."

In the comics, Firefly is a well-known lover of fire. He's an expert in pyrotechnics and explosives, and his suit is equipped with a flamethrower, grenade launchers, a jet pack and wings that allow him to fly. Since "Gotham" is an origins story, viewers shouldn't expect to see this version of Firefly just yet.

Veintimilla has appeared on Lifetime's "Those Who Kill" and on Broadway in "The Visit."

Showrunner Bruno Heller told fans at San Diego Comic-Con in July that the freshman season was about old school Gotham, while the sophomore installment will take a new turn. “This season, it’s the rise of the villains,” he previewed in TVLine report, as the city “starts to decline into chaos.”

Watch a clip from the upcoming season of "Gotham" below.

"Gotham" Season 2 premieres Sept. 21 on Fox at 8 p.m. EDT.