David Mazouz plays 15-year-old Bruce Wayne. In “Gotham” Season 3, the temple Shaman will be trying to help his character unlock the full potential of his mind. Fox

“Gotham” star David Mazouz, who plays 15-year-old Bruce Wayne in the series, is quite excited to see his character grow up in Season 3.

One of the biggest changes people will see in his character is his transition into the playboy billionaire we know from the "Batman" comics. “I don’t want to give too much away, but basically what’s gonna happen is… Well, we know Bruce Wayne in the comic books has this ‘Richie Rich’ smoke and mirrors persona, which is used to cover up, so if anybody ever, ever in a million years would ever suspect Bruce Wayne of being Batman, they’d say, ‘No way, not that drunken playboy,’” Mazouz told Decider.

The grown-up version of Bruce plays his womanizing ways to a T, so Mazouz said that executive producer John Stephens hopes to explore the origins of Bruce’s playboy tendencies.

“Was that ever real for him? Did that ever actually happen? Was it ever a reality?” he said. “And so what we’re gonna do in ‘Gotham’ is, we’re gonna play with that playboy persona, party boy persona, but it’s not going to be used to cover up secret affairs that are going on, secret investigations, or secret fighting with evil. It’s going to be a reality. We haven’t shot much of it yet but it’ll be coming towards the middle of the season.”

As exciting as it would be to have Bruce change from an innocent, curious youngster to a self-assured playboy, Mazouz said that it would be even better to have a Superman cameo on the show.

“I think it'd be really cool to have a young Clark Kent on the show. To have a 15-year-old Clark Kent. I know in ‘Batman v Superman,’ they played it like Metropolis and Gotham are twin cities, so it wouldn't be that hard to take a boat ride over for Clark,” he told IGN.

Meanwhile, another big change is expected in Ben McKenzie’s character Jim Gordon, who is now a bounty hunter. McKenzie told Comic Book Resources that Jim is somewhat “disillusioned” because of all the bad stuff that has happened to him, but “he’s certainly not a villain.”

“Gotham” will return on Monday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. on Fox.