“Gotham” Season 4 will air every Thursday instead of Monday. Fox

“Gotham” Season 4 has finally been given a release date by Fox. With its new Thursday time slot, “Gotham” will begin airing on Sept. 28.

The show made the announcement on its Twitter page with a gif of the Joker. It was news that was well-received by fans, although many questioned the Joker’s (Cameron Monaghan) reappearance.

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One thing’s for sure though, Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell), who was killed off by Barbara Keane (Erin Richards) during the Season 3 finale, will be coming back as the villain Solomon Grundy, also known as Cyrus Gold. Doctors learned that his real name was actually Cyrus Gold after his body was taken to the hospital, and Batman enthusiasts were thrilled with this surprise twist.

Cyrus Gold is the 19th Century man who eventually became the evil zombie named Solomon Grundy, according to Heavy. The character was first introduced in “All-American Comics” #61 back in October 1944. Over the years, the zombie has received different origin stories, the most popular of which was him dying in Gotham City’s Slaughter Swamp. In some variations, he was killed there, but in others, his body was simply brought there after his death. Several years later, he was resurrected as Solomon Grundy.

Gold’s appearance is all well and good, but the “Gotham” cast actually have some villains they’d like to appear next season. Ben McKenzie, who plays Detective Jim Gordon, would love to come face-to-face with the Scarecrow. “There are some villains that I’m a fan of that are in season four,” McKenzie told Comic Book Resources. “I’ve always been keen on the Scarecrow. It would be nice if the Scarecrow showed up.”

But Jessica Lucas, who plays the fierce Tabitha Galavan in the series, said she would like another villain to make his way in the show. “Bane! Can you imagine? I know time-wise, that may not be right… but maybe someone to face Bruce Wayne or Gordon who has the steroid, who has that strength and power,” she told Heroic Hollywood.

“Gotham” Season 4 will premiere on Sept. 28.