Ben McKenzie, who plays Detective Jim Gordon in “Gotham,” wants to introduce the Scarecrow in Season 4. Fox

Ben McKenzie got his wish answered in “Gotham” Season 3 thanks to the appearance of the villain Jervis Tetch (Samuel Benedict). For Season 4, the actor-turned-director once again revealed a villain he would like to introduce on the series.

“There are some villains that I’m a fan of that are in season four,” McKenzie told Comic Book Resources. “I’ve always been keen on the Scarecrow. It would be nice if the Scarecrow showed up.”

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However, the other cast members have a different wish list for the villains. Season 3 was mainly dominated by the re-emergence of the Joker (Cameron Monaghan), as well as the formation of the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith). For Season 4, the girls want to take center stage. Heroic Hollywood earlier asked Carmen Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle, about the possibility of the Gotham City Sirens forming next season.

The actress answered that she is not certain about this possibility. However, Bicondova said the show will probably delve into it in the future. “We haven’t really dived into that yet as of right now. I think that eventually it will happen,” she said.

The actress added that joining the Sirens would be “cool,” although she has no clue how that will go. “I have no idea because some things are shaking up this season, so we never know!” she said.

It’s also possible that Jessica Lucas’ Tabitha Galavan will be a part of the Sirens, even though her character is not really part of the original group. “I love that they started it out in an unexpected way with Barbara [Erin Richards] and Tabitha because neither one of those characters are part of the [Gotham City] Sirens in the comic books,” she said. “But I think there is room for growth, there is room for new members and I think it would be great to have some sort of girl gang going on next season. So I hope so, but I’m not sure yet!”

“Gotham” has been renewed for a fourth season and will air every Thursday instead of its usual time slot on Monday.