Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) found a secret passageway behind the fireplace of his father's study in the Season 1 finale of "Gotham." Jessica Miglio/FOX

Detectives Jim Gordon (Jim McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) had a very busy Season 1 on Fox's "Gotham," chasing down different bad guys in the days before the Dark Knight arrives. Things are going to get even worse for them as chaos is expected to breakout in the city as the Batman villains start to take form. Before the villains rise to power in Season 2 of "Gotham," here's what happened in the Season 1 finale, "All Happy Families Are Alike."

A mob war broke out in the finale and when the dust settled there was a new man in charge of organized crime in Gotham City. Carmen Falcone (John Doman) and Sal Maroni (David Zayas) squared off against one another, while Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) had plans of his own. Maroni's hit on Falcone failed and the crime boss survived and was taken to the hospital. Penguin showed up to try and finish off Falcone himself, but Gordon arrived and arrested Penguin and his sidekick Butch Gilzean (David Powell).

With all three in custody, Gordon and Bullock escaped a safehouse, only to be captured by Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), who teamed up with Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). Mooney returned only to reveal she was on Maroni's side of the war. Maroni made the mistake of insulting her and she turned on him by shooting him in the head. Bullets flew as both mobs battled against one another with Gordon and Bullock in the middle of it all.

Penguin chased down Mooney and it lead to a roof-top fight between the two. After a struggle, Penguin rushed Mooney and pushed her off the roof, down into the water below. Mooney appears to be dead and Penguin went on to declare himself the king of Gotham. Falcone told Gordon he's done leading the life of organized crime and left town, meaning Penguin really does have the keys to the kingdom.

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) found a major clue into his father's secrets in the finale. All season long, Bruce searched for answers to his father's secret life and after speaking to one his fathers co-workers, Lucious Fox (Chris Chalk), he learned his father was "stoic." Remembering what Fox said -- plus a little help from Alfred (Sean Pertwee) -- Bruce found his father's copy of Marcus Aurelius after realizing "stoic" was a hint towards the book. Inside Marcus Aurelius, Bruce found a remote that opened up a secret passageway behind the fireplace in the study. Could this be the beginning of the bat cave?

After a horrific experience with the Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia), it's revealed Barbara (Erin Richards) has severe psychological damage after the death of her parents. She was visting Gordon's current girlfriend Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) for therapy and she told Leslie that she killed her parents and not the Ogre. Barbara went after Leslie with a knife and tried to turn Leslie into her next victim, but Leslie was able to knock her out just as Gordon arrived.

Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is getting closer and closer to becoming a villain. We all know he will eventually become the Riddler, but we started to see him go into a downward spiral. Nygma started talking to himself in the finale and he committed his first murder by killing the boyfriend of his work love interest, Kristen Kringle (Chelsea Spack) in a previous episode. Kringle seems to be on to him as Nygma slowly starts to lose his mind.

"Gotham" Season 2 premieres Monday, Sept. 21, on Fox at 8 p.m. EDT.