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A shooting incident occurred Sunday, injuring one person, at the Grambling State University (GSU) campus, Louisiana. One person was in custody as GSU and Grambling police continued to patrol the campus.

GSU Police Chief Carlos Kelly confirmed one person was shot in the butt and was being treated for injuries at a local hospital. Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office was also assisting in the investigation.

Jovan Hackley, a university spokesman, confirmed one person was injured in the shooting; however, neither the injured nor the suspect were students of the university.

Hackley added the classes and campus activities will resume as normal Monday but the police presence in the area will be increased due to the incident, Fox 8 reported.

“Regular use of campus facilities for residential students may resume. Joint campus patrols by GSU and local police continue,” GSU posted on Twitter.

The following alert was sent to students and parents at 9.43 p.m. local time (10.43 p.m. EDT) Sunday: “A shooting incident has occurred on campus near the basketball courts. A suspect is not in custody. Please remain inside your current location. If you are not on campus, please do not come to campus. To report any information or for immediate safety concerns, please call (318) 274-2222.”

The order to stay in place was lifted as soon as the suspect was arrested less than an hour later. No additional information was available at the moment.

Here are Twitter reactions of people who were stuck in the campus during the shooting.

In a similar incident in the campus in October 2017, a gunman shot and killed a student and his friend, following an altercation. Jaylin M. Wayne, a fellow student was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman Maj. Stephen Williams said the shooting followed an altercation which began at the dorm room, and the suspect turned himself after his arrest warrant was issued the same evening.

Sheriff Mike Stone stressed the shooting wasn't random or an act of terrorism and the suspect and victims knew each other "to some extent."

Regarding the incident, Grambling State President Richard Gallot Jr. said, "It became apparent very early in the investigation that this was not some random occurrence, that these people did know each other,” Chicago Tribune reported. Classes were held as normal the next day however there was an "increased police and security" throughout the week.

The victims were identified as Earl Andrews and Monquiarious Caldwell, both 23.

"He was here at Grambling, good student, good kid. He just wanted an education. He just wanted to better himself. His momma, his sister and his brother, he was the apple of their eye," Andrews' aunt, Mattie Boyette said, adding she wonders why would anybody want to shoot him.