Chicago and Robin Thicke
Robert Lamm of Chicago (R) performs a medley of the band's hits with Robin Thicke (L) at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California Jan. 26, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Iconic band Chicago has won Grammys in the past, but the group had never before performed at the awards show itself -- until Sunday night.

Chicago, whose debut album, "Chicago Transit Authority," first hit stores in 1969, rocked out with Robin Thicke, who was up for top record of year. During their set, the legendary group -- armed with its arsenal of horns -- and Thicke performed Chicago hits like "" and "Saturday In the Park," before Thicke belted out his own hit tune "Blurred Lines."

Prior to the Awards night, on the Grammys red carpet, Chicago frontman and keyboardist Robert Lamm said that it had taken around four months of rehearsals to get the performance just right.

"We've performed all kinds of places in our long career," Lamm commented. "To finally be on the Grammys after not being around when we won [the band was on tour] is a real thrill."

Chicago and Thicke fans might be in for another treat, as the two might collaborate again in the future, according to Los Angeles Times.