• Harry Styles won his first Grammy Sunday, bagging best pop solo performance for "Watermelon Sugar"
  • Part of his acceptance speech was muted, prompting fans to flock to Twitter and guess why
  • The singer was up against Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift for the award

Harry Styles won his first Grammy Sunday, but a part of his acceptance speech was muted. Fans soon took to Twitter to speculate about what he said.

While accepting the best pop solo performance Grammy for "Watermelon Sugar," Styles said, "Wow. To everyone who made this record with me, thank you so much. This was the first song we wrote after… my first album came out, during a day off in Nashville, and I just want to say thanks to Tom, Tyler and Mitch and everyone, Rob Stringer, and everyone at Columbia."

"My manager Jeffrey [Azoff], who has always nudged me to be better and never pushed me and thank you so much. And I feel very grateful to be here, thank you," the 27-year-old added, before CBS cut his audio.

The One Direction star then continued after the bleeped pause, "Thank you so much. I feel very honored to be among all of you."

Some fans wondered why part of his speech was censored. "Why was @Harry_Styles muted during his thank you speech?" one fan asked on Twitter.

Another asked the same question. "Does anyone know what Harry styles said in his speech that was bleeped out?"

Other viewers who watched the awards show without Federal Communication Commission regulations shared that Styles apparently dropped an F-bomb while he was acknowledging the other nominees in his category during the speech. "All of these songs are f—kin’ massive so thank you so much," Styles said.

Tweeting the answer, one fan wrote, "he f—king won that grammy and swore in his acceptance speech i love him that’s f—king harry styles."

Another wrote, "f—king massive- Harry Styles on grammy acceptance speech."

ًOne fan tweeted, "I have bever been more thankful that i watched a german stream of the grammy's because i heard harry styles say 'f—king massive' live in 4k."

One fan made interesting observations, writing, "In series of Harry and award goof ups, #HarryStyles wins a Grammy, says F—king massive on stage, and forgets his Grammy on stage, that’s it that’s Harry Styles for all of us, We Stan."

Styles was up against Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and his former girlfriend Taylor Swift, who looked happy for his victory.

When he got backstage following his Grammys acceptance speech, Styles called the victory "an incredibly sweet icing on the cake of what I get to do every day."

"I feel incredibly lucky to get to work in music and make music as my job every day," the singer told reporters before thanking the Academy, reported People.

"And I want to thank my friends for giving me an environment to be free to make the music that I want to make, and supporting me along the way over the last 10 years," Styles added.

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