The Grammy Awards will feature some new categories in 2023
The Grammy Awards will feature some new categories in 2023 AFP / Don EMMERT


  • Mason Jr. clarified that songs with AI-generated elements are eligible for a Grammy
  • For songwriting categories, the majority of the composition must be human-created
  • Several AI-powered compositions have achieved commercial success

Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of The Recording Academy, expressed his belief that artificial intelligence (AI) could play a significant role in shaping the future of Grammy winners.

Mason Jr. clarified that songs incorporating AI-generated elements are indeed eligible for Grammy consideration, despite recent rule updates. Mason's statement comes in response to the updated guidelines announced last month for the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Mason Jr. shared his perspective on the potential influence of AI on music production and the possibility of an AI-assisted artist taking home the coveted Grammy award in the near future in a recent interview with

He highlighted that if a song includes an AI voice or AI instrumentation, it will be taken into consideration for Grammy nominations. However, he emphasized that in categories focused on songwriting, the majority of the composition must have been created by humans. Similarly, for performance categories, only human performers will be eligible for a Grammy.

"It's important because AI is going to absolutely, unequivocally have a hand in shaping the future of our industry. The idea of being caught off guard by it and not addressing it is unacceptable," Mason Jr. said.

The Recording Academy CEO acknowledged the growing prominence of AI in the music industry and its impact on the creative process. He highlighted the strides made by AI-generated music in recent years and the potential for AI to assist artists in producing unique and groundbreaking compositions.

"I absolutely acknowledge that it's going to be a part of the music industry and the artistic community and society at large," he added.

Several AI-powered compositions have garnered attention and even achieved commercial success, blurring the lines between human and AI-created music. Notable instances include an AI-generated Drake song featuring The Weeknd that went viral on TikTok, an AI music community on Discord producing an album using a clone of Travis Scott's vocals, and Paul McCartney using AI to create what he called "the final Beatles record" utilizing John Lennon's old demo, Vice noted.

The inclusion of AI in music creation has sparked debates about copyright infringement. But Mason Jr. revealed that the new rule was established following a summit involving industry leaders, streaming platforms, tech entrepreneurs, and consultations with the U.S. Copyright Office. The collaborative effort aimed to navigate the intersection of AI and music, ensuring fair recognition while maintaining the integrity of human creativity within the Grammy Awards.

49. Billie Eilish - Billie Eilish is best known for being an American singer-songwriter alongside her brother, Finneas. Writing music since the age of 11, Billie is the youngest musician to ever win a Grammy Award, which she received after bagging the Best New Artist, Best Record, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year categories, making history in the process. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images