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Thousands of Twitter users probably cringed in disbelief simulaneously as they watched a “grandma” wiggle her rump up and down on the back of a car in a twerking display. To make things worse, she was wearing a dress.

[For those who are interested, the clip has been included at the bottom of the article.]

In a now-viral Vine video posted by Brittany Lyn Turner on July 10, an elderly woman participating in the dance craze has been watched nearly 250,000 times. It’s garnered 1,450 likes and generated hundreds of comments, but the video saw a lot of attention on Twitter after it was shared nearly 30,000 times.

“Grandma Twerk” quickly became one of the top trending topics of the day on Monday as most people watched the six-second video in horror. “Come on work it out,” the barefooted woman says, and then begins to grind into the front of the car. Music can be heard playing in the background.

The word “disgusting” is something that came up commonly when netizens commented on the video. It seemed like most of the people who watched it were disturbed.

It’s not the only video of the currently unidentified woman Turner uploaded to her Vine account. None of them are as unsettling as the “Grandma Twerk” video, but the lady who Turner calls Susan B Anthony pretends to fight someone. In the next clip, she sings a vulgar song and in the final video of the woman, which was posted on June 23, she is back to dancing but this time her skirt stays down.

As unnerving as the video may be, Twitterati can’t get enough of talking about it. Some of their reactions have been posted below:

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