“Great News” star Andrea Martin gushed about Tina Fey at the New York Stage and Film Winter Gala on Tuesday night.

“She’s just so multi-talented,” Martin told Entertainment Tonight of Fey who was honored at the event. “There’s nothing she can’t do, so I guess that’s who you give awards to, people who do everything!”

Before accepting her honor, Fey made some comments about the allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, and when Martin was asked about Fey’s take on the issue, the 70-year-old actress joked about Fey being a clairvoyant.

“[‘Great News’] did use it as a storyline. Tina wrote an episode on sexual harassment way before everything happened,” Martin said. “It really was a precursor to everything. So extraordinary that she wrote an episode and then two weeks later everything came out about Harvey Weinstein. That’s why she should get this award, she’s a clairvoyant.”

This isn’t the first time Martin has spoken highly of Fey. During an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last October, Martin praised Fey’s ability to do a lot of things all at once.

“She’s got a Broadway show ‘Mean Girls.’ She executive produces ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ [and]  writes on it. She executive produces ‘Great News’ [and] has written a script for it. She did the first three shows. She’s about to do another one. She does ‘Saturday Night Live,’” Martin said of how busy Fey was. “[She’s also an] amazing mom, amazing wife, [and yet] she’s so calm. She’s like the comedy whisperer. She’s like Cesar Millan.”

“If I had to do everything that she does, I’d be a monster,” admitted Martin, who plays Carol Wendelson on “Great News.” “I’d be really cranky. But Fey, she’s really has such dignity. She’s just kind of chill.”

In an interview with TV Insider last October, Fey admitted that she misses doing a TV series, so when the role of Diana St. Tropez in Season 2 of “Great News” came up, the two-time Golden Globe winner offered to play the new character herself.

“I hadn’t done any series TV in a while, and I know so many people [on the show] that I figured it’d be fun,” Fey said. “I know some of the writing staff, I know the assistant director, the director and Horatio Sanz [who plays video editor Justin], who was on ‘SNL’ with me. It’s like old home week.”

“Great News,” which is currently on hiatus, will return with all-new back-to-back episodes on Thursday, Dec. 21 at 8 p.m. EST. on NBC.