‘The 100’
Jaha (Isaiah Washington) will no longer be part of “The 100” Season 5. The CW

Isaiah Washington is the latest cast member to leave “The 100” after Season 4.

According to TV Line, Washington has been part of “The 100” since it premiered on The CW in 2014. The actor, who also starred in the hit ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy,” plays the role of Thelonius Jaha in “The 100.”

Following his decision to leave the series, executive producer Jason Rothenberg expressed his gratitude towards the actor. “We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Isaiah Washington on ‘The 100’ for the past four seasons. He has brought so much to the role of Jaha, and we love working with him,” he said in a statement.

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As of late, it is unclear why Washington decided to say goodbye to his character. There is also the question of how his character’s exit will be written into the show. Additionally, there is still no word on whether or not Jaha will be killed off or if Washington will make cameos in the future as a guest star.

In the series, Jaha underwent a radical transformation from being a chancellor to becoming a lost soul. He eventually found salvation through the promises of an evil technological being known as A.L.I.E. Unfortunately, the evil being was defeated, and Jaha had to redeem himself by helping people gain access to a top-secret bunker that could save him and everyone else from an impending nuclear death wave.

Meanwhile, a new episode of “The 100” aired on The CW on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST. The installment, titled “The Other Side,” was directed by cast member Henry Ian Cusick. The actor plays the role of Marcus Kane in the hit series.

Talking about the episode, Cusick explained that “The Other Side” was all about the consequences of Jaha and Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) decisions. “It’s about the consequences of Clarke and Jaha’s actions. Last week, you saw Octavia win the conclave and now you’re seeing the other side of what happened in the bunker and the repercussions of that – the consequences,” he told Access Hollywood.

Cusick also dished on what it was like directing the episode and said that the idea came after he had a series of conversations with Rothenberg. Since Season 2, Cusick has already been urging the EP to give him a chance to go behind the camera. “I had been pestering Jason since Season 2. And I’m very, very grateful that Jason and Dean White, director and a ‘The 100’ producer allowed me the opportunity. That was such a great opportunity. So that’s how it came about. I was pestering him the whole time,” he said.

Cusick explained why he appeared in episode 10 considering that he was the one who directed episode 11. Access Hollywood noted that most actors are written out of the episode before the one they will direct so that they can prepare for their new task. But Cusick said that the episodes for “The 100” Season 4 were not shot in order so he didn’t have any problems with his new responsibilities on set.