“Grey’s Anatomy” is so close to airing its Season 11 premiere on Thursday, Sept. 25, that we can practically smell the scent of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital now! To start prepping fans for the upcoming madness of the show’s eleventh season, ABC has decided to release the titles for both episode 1 and 2.

For those who don’t know, Shonda Rhimes, mastermind behind the long-running medical drama, has a knack for naming “Grey’s Anatomy” episodes after song titles. Each tune is specifically chosen to compliment the theme or moral of the episode it’s named after. The complete list of songs used for titles in the ABC series can be found HERE.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed Elton John would be added to that list when it was announced the artist’s 2006 single “I Must Have Lost It in the Wind” would be used as the title for the Season 11 premiere. The up-tempo, country-influenced song with a wistful vibe is from John’s 28th studio album, the autobiographical “The Captain & the Kid.”

Fans have speculated that perhaps the song title is being used in a metaphorical sense instead of acting as a literal reference to a storm. Could “I Must Have Lost It in the Wind” have something to do with Meredith and Derek’s Season 10 finale argument? The duo realized in the final episode of Season 10 that they have very different desires. While Dr. Shepherd wanted to move to Washington to make a name for himself at a new hospital, Meredith revealed she had no interest in leaving her home to follow in her husband’s shadow.

The grim theme seems to carry over in episode 2, named after Goyte’s reggae-inspired single, “Puzzle With a Piece Missing.” But despite the blaring instruments the tune still gives off a haunting yet captivating sense. “Puzzle With a Piece Missing” comes off of the Grammy Award-winning artist’s second album, “Like Drawing Blood.”

What do you think the episode titles could be referring to? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories and don’t forget to tune into the Season 11 premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursday, Sept. 25.