What’s a family dinner without a little drama? “Grey’s Anatomy” will be serving up some serious heat during episode 6 of Season 11 when “Don’t Let’s Start” airs Thursday, Nov. 6. Yes, you read right. “Grey’s Anatomy” will be taking a spooky-hiatus for Halloween and will return in November with more heart-stopping moments. According to the synopsis for the upcoming installment of the hit ABC series, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) will push Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to invite his wife’s half-sister Maggie (Kelly McCreary) to a dinner -- something for which she clearly has no appetite.

The feasting fiasco will begin after Maggie stops by to inform Meredith she had finished reading Ellis’ journals. “I had them for a while. I got a good sense of her as a surgeon. If not as a person. So, thank you,” Maggie says in a sneak peek video. But the most alluring part of the scene wasn’t how quickly Maggie went through the diaries of Ellis but how intensely Derek was listening in on the women’s conversation.

“She still calls you Dr. Grey?” he asks Meredith, who answers that Dr. Grey is her name. “You should invite her over -- for dinner,” he insists. Meredith questions why. She has no desire to sit and eat with a woman she doesn’t even like. “She’s family,” Derek argues. But Meredith isn’t convinced that a dinner date with her half-sister is a good idea.

That won’t be the only family drama set to occur in episode 6. According to the summary for “Don’t Let’s Start,” April (Sarah Drew) will get a surprise visit from her mother (Connie Ray). And by the looks of April’s facial expression, it doesn’t seem like she’s too keen on having her mom around.

“I don’t need your help,” viewers hear April lash out during a promo video for episode 6 after her mother suggests making them dinner. Though April will have a rough time coping with her mother’s hands-on-arrival, the synopsis teases Jackson (Jesse Williams) will bond with his mother-in-law.

The remainder of “Don’t Let’s Start” (a song written by the band They Might Be Giants) will focus on Owen (Kevin McKidd) becoming invested in a patient when he learns she served in the military, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) getting a bomb dropped on her and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) reconsidering her own health after diagnosing a patient.

It’s going to be a busy week on “Grey’s Anatomy”! Sound off in the comments section below what you think will happen in episode 6 of Season 11 when “Don’t Let’s Start” airs Thursday, Nov. 6, at 9 p.m. EST.