The gloves are coming off! When “Grey’s Anatomy” airs episode 10 of the hit ABC medical drama, audiences will watch as Owen (Kevin Chided) and Riggs (Martin Henderson) continue to go head-to-head during the Season 12 installment.

But according to a sneak-peek video for “All I Want is You,” not everyone will be entertained by the boys’ banter. In the upcoming episode, set to air Thursday, Feb. 18, April (Sarah Drew) will roll her eyes as she’s forced to work alongside the feuding surgeons after a patient requiring their care arrives at the hospital.

“Kepner, I told you ... I gave you a direct order,” the red headed doc says to April, annoyed that she paged Riggs to the scene.

“I know you did but this is what’s happening,” she responds.

Riggs then chimes in, calling Owen out for turning everyone at Grey Sloan against him. “At least you could do is let me friggen work,” the newcomer says.

That leads to Owen telling his arch nemesis to find a new place to work, stating that the New Zealand hunk has no business being in Seattle. Amidst their arguing, an ambulance rolls up to the hospital.

“Oh, yay! Someone’s hurt,” April states sarcastically, revealing just how excited she is to leave Owen and Rigg's nonsensical fight. But the cattiness follows her even when the 55-year-old man, claiming to have severe chest problems, makes his way to the hospital doors.

“It’s probably non-surgical. I’ll page someone if it is. Let’s go!” Owen shouts, but Riggs refuses to be bullied.

“How about you let me do my job?” he fires back before April tells both of her irritating colleagues to “shut up.” Just as the words leave her lips audiences watch as the ambulance — which was parked only a few feet away — blows up in flames, throwing crew members back with the force of the explosion.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m.. EST on ABC.