As drama between Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) continues on “Grey’s Anatomy” in Season 13, episode 3, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is forced to step in. ABC

Just when you think things can’t possibly get any crazier at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, the surgeons up the ante. While the surgeons pick sides and Alex (Justin Chambers) and DeLuca (Giacomo Giannotti) continue to ignore one another, emotions are at an all-time high in the emergency room and beyond.

A car accident during a funeral brings an entire bickering family — and the deceased patriarch — into the hospital. While doctors tend to the wounds, which largely seem to be bumps and bruises, the cause of the accident is revealed. The estranged daughter of both the dead man and his wife has rolled back into town and in addition to having caused a major pile-up, she’s put the life of her unborn child and others in danger. Cara’s return comes as news to her mother and siblings, though some seem happier to see her than others. In a private moment with her dead husband, Cara’s mother calls it “a miracle” that she’s back. While she sits with her husband, a team of surgeons work to stabilize Cara in the hopes of avoiding an operation. Their efforts are thwarted when she learns that her mother has suddenly gone into cardiac arrest and doctors were not able to save her. She is whisked off to the emergency room for a cesarean section. The operation goes well, with only a few minor glitches, and Cara and her baby are taken to recover.

In the time since she’s entered the operating room her family has held an impromptu funeral for her mother. Maggie (Kelly McCreary), Edwards (Jericka Hinton) and another friend are sitting outside the room in which the ceremony is being held, making small talk. Maggie reveals to her friends that she’s having trouble with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and can’t seem to get to the root of their problems. She explains Meredith doesn’t appear to be listening to her, which is wearing on her. Her friends offer to serve as shoulders to cry on, but are also not interested in what appear to be trivial issues. Maggie then praises Meredith’s ability to forget while staring sadly at the family in the nearby room. She is assured that Meredith doesn’t forget, but rather buries her issues deep inside. The conversation is interrupted when a woman rushed out of the funeral claiming that her sister squeezed her hand. The doctors speculate that she was imagining it or that it was a post-mortem muscle spasm, but are quickly proved wrong. The woman shoots up from her bed very much alive — a miracle.

Despite the joy, the family continues to bicker and blame Cara. This prompts Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) to step in, reminding them that they are family. She scolds them for being so hurtful to her, especially with so much for which to be thankful. Her talk strikes a nerve and Cara’s two siblings are seen visiting her and her newborn. They have forgiven her and share with her that while she was responsible for her mother’s death, her mom is now alive again.

Although the drama between Meredith and Maggie did not play a central role in Season 13, episode 3, it was certainly still present. During one particular scene Meredith and Riggs (Nathan Henderson) are seen flirting as usual. During their chat, Riggs questions how Maggie is doing after having been turned down by him for a date. Meredith assures him that she will recover, adding that it brought her no joy to deny her sister of “the good thing.” Naturally, Riggs takes her comments and runs with them, speculating once more that she is falling for him. It later dons on Meredith what she must do to help Maggie get over her heartbreak — she has to let her go out with Riggs and be let down. Meredith reminds Riggs that he is “easy to hate,” telling him to turn off his charm during a night out with Maggie to show her that she’s not missing out. Riggs appears keen on the idea though it remains unclear if or when that date will go down.

The episode also brings Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) back into the picture. Because of her living arrangement with DeLuca and her friendship with Alex, she’s thrown right into the middle of their beef. Arizona appears conflicted — she is obviously disappointed in Alex, but their friendship goes back many years. DeLuca repeatedly approaches her, trying to smooth things over as well, which only makes her feel worse. He questions, at one point, whether he should just move out which is not at all what Arizona wants. He fears that she and the other doctors are mad at him until she assures him that’s not the case.

Ahead of the credits, Amelia seeks the opportunity to strike again with her advice giving. This time, she decides to intervene between Meredith and Maggie, giving them a talk similar to that she delivered to patients earlier in the episode, titled, “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker.” She orders them to talk openly with each other, threatening to move back in. The pair take her advice and decide to go out to dinner. During their walk to the car Maggie starts questioning Meredith about her personal life, asking if she’s interested in anyone romantically. Despite the opportunity, Meredith decides not to be honest with her sister about Riggs.

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