It’s just about time for “Grey’s Anatomy” to return to ABC after a brief break. When Season 13 of the ABC medical drama kicks off again, viewers will finally learn the fate of Owen and Amelia’s marriage, whether Alex is going to jail or not and more.

Additionally, two new characters will be introduced to “Grey’s Anatomy” viewers in the latter portion of Season 13. Both characters are expected to cause quite a stir on the show. They may also provide a new perspective on some much beloved “Grey’s Anatomy” characters. Entertainment Weekly reported that Maggie’s (Kelly McCreary) adoptive mother will be featured in Season 13. Diane will be played by LaTanya Richardson Jackson.

Set photos show Maggie and her mother at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital together. It’s not clear what the reason for Diane’s visit is, though there has been some speculation that it’s related to a split from her husband. The pair are seen running into Jackson, who will also face some parental drama during Season 13.

On Jan. 11, EW confirmed that Jackson’s father would also make an appearance when Season 13 returned after the winter finale. His mother Catherine (Debbie Allen) plays an important part in the show, but Jackson’s father has never appeared. The pair are no longer married, though the reason for their split remains a mystery to “Grey’s Anatomy” viewers. It has yet to be made clear what business Jackson’s father will have with he or his mother.

Other new faces appearing in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 include Jasmin Savoy Brown, Klea Scott and Anna Jacoby-Heron. The trio will not be permanent fixtures on the show, but have been cast as guest stars. They will play Amanda, Dr. Eldredge and Kristen, respectively. All three will appear in the winter premiere.

Jasmin Savoy Brown Jasmin Savoy Brown is one of three new guest stars appearing in Season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Photo: ABC

Little else is known about the second half of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13, although Camilla Luddington — known for playing Jo on the ABC series — did share some serious hints about the winter premiere. When the show returns, she, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) will team up on an especially complicated case. The trio will head to a women’s prison, where they’ll be tasked with helping a teen girl serving 20 years to life. Luddington said much of the episode will center on how each of the doctors handle the situation.

“We are helping a 16-year-old, who is in for 20-to-life, give birth,” Luddington told EW. “What’s really exciting about the episode is seeking those three characters react very differently actually to an environment that is very different also from the hospital. The episode has so many great moments in it — there are moments where we’re laughing, we’re crying. There’s scary moments in the episode.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” Winter Premiere Jo (Camilla Luddington), Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) will team up on a difficult case in a women’s prison when Season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy” returns. Photo: ABC

What we won’t get in the winter premiere, however, is an answer about Alex’s fate. Luddington went on to reveal that “Grey’s Anatomy” fans will have to wait until the episode after to dive back into that story line. She did not drop any hints about what her character’s former beau decided to do.

“Grey’s Anatomy” returns to ABC Jan. 26, at 8 p.m. EST.