“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jason George’s character, Ben Warren, will soon be leaving the hospital to pursue a career as a Seattle-based firefighter.

But even though Ben won’t be spending much of his time with her wife, Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson), at the hospital, the couple is expected to reunite multiple times in the two ABC shows.

Shonda Rhimes’ firefighter-centered series still doesn’t have an official working title, but it is expected to premiere in the spring. The backdoor pilot will link the new show to “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“My understanding is, Ben will be popping up in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and some of your favorite ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ folks will be popping up in the spinoff. When it was ‘Private Practice,’ the show was located in Los Angeles, so by definition, it had to be an event when they came up to Seattle or vice versa,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

But since both shows are set in Seattle, it’s much easier for crossovers to take place. “The fun part is, the writers have an embarrassment of riches, they can play it any way they want it an any given time. They could have a mega even that goes across both shows, or they could just drop off a person for a little bit and go have a beer. ‘Hey Avery, this is my friend from the firehouse,’” said George.

The new series’ showrunner, Stacy McKee, told the same publication that crossovers shouldn’t be difficult in the near future. McKee revealed that some ideas are already being thrown around.

“What’s fantastic about this show is because it’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’-adjacent, there’s the potential for things to connect really, really easily. This show takes place in a Seattle fire station that could, in theory, be just a few blocks down from Grey Sloan Memorial. Plus, I know all the writers over at ‘Grey’s’ and vice versa, so it’ll be a very symbiotic relationship,” she said.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff’s official premiere date has not yet been announced.