Time to call dibs on that cozy spot on the couch, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans, because the Season 12 doubleheader is underway! On Thursday, the hit ABC series will air both episode 18 and 19 from the Shonda Rhimes series, giving viewers twice the amount of drama — and most of it will revolve around Ben (Jason George) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

George discussed the Ben-centric installment, teasing the chaos that will hit Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the forthcoming episode.

“The hospital goes into lockdown because there’s a kid missing, so there’s a Code Pink,” the actor explained to TVLine, dishing that the code requires every door in the hospital to lock so that the missing child won’t wander out. And when the hospital does shut down, it’ll put Ben in an extremely difficult position.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode reveals that Ben will be left with a pregnant patient — one who he decides to perform a risky C-section on when she begins experiencing complications.

“And everyone has their own point of view on the decisions Ben made. Lives hang in the balance and it’s all on Ben,” George added.

Fans got a glimpse of the repercussions Ben will face in a sneak-peek video for the upcoming, two-hour episode. In the promo video, he explains to Alex (Justin Chambers) what motivated him to go through with such an impulsive operation.

“You have to understand,” he says to Alex, “I would have lost them both.”

But Alex argues that due to Ben’s actions, both mother and child might end up dead anyway.

Bailey, the hospital’s Chief of Surgery, will then be tasked with deciding Ben’s punishment.

“It’s Bailey’s call as to whether or not she believes this surgical resident — who happens to be her husband — did the right thing or not. And needless to say it puts a little stress on the relationship,” George said.

Will Bailey prove to an advisory committee that her husband made the right call although it went against protocol? Viewers will find out on Thursday, April 14, at 8 p.m. EDT when “Grey’s Anatomy”​ airs on ABC.