An elderly man was attacked by a bear while he was hiking on a trail in Henrys Lake State Park, Idaho, on Friday (May 29).

The man, identified as 73-year-old Gregory Godar from West Yellowstone, Montana, was hiking with his wife when they unexpectedly encountered a female grizzly bear and its two cubs. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the attack took place Friday evening on the Outlet Overlook Trail, located about 16 miles away from West Yellowstone.

Officials said Godar was unable to use his bear spray when the mother bear attacked the couple as it was strapped to his chest at the time. Meanwhile, his wife escaped unhurt and managed to use her bear spray, however, the bears had already left the area and were unaffected by the spray.

Godar did not sustain any life-threatening injuries and was able to walk out on his own. He was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and was discharged after receiving treatment for his wounds.

"If I had one word of advice, it would be to carry your bear spray in your hand and not strapped to your chest," Godar said. “I think if I had it in my hand I could have stopped her,” he added.

Officials from Idaho Department of Fish and Game searched the area Saturday (May 30) but were unable to locate the bears. However, they managed to find an animal carcass that was partially eaten in the area. They believe that the bear may have been feeding on the carcass. They also found impressions which indicated that the animals had been lying down in the area.

Officials were not attempting to trap or chase away the bears as conservation officers believe the bear likely attacked them as it was surprised. They determined that the nature of the attack was not intentional.

The area was closed for a week following the incident. No further details were available at the time.

In a similar incident that took place last month, a man was critically injured after being attacked by a grizzly bear while he was mountain biking on private property near Big Sky, Montana. He sustained injuries to his face and back and was airlifted to a hospital in a critical but stable condition. Authorities were not looking for the bear as the attack was unintentional.

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