• A man in India got drunk and delayed his wedding for around five hours
  • His bride later called off the event and married another man
  • Both of their families later canceled the wedding, citing "family issues" 

A woman in the Indian state of Rajasthan called off her wedding and refused to marry her groom-to-be after the latter got drunk and delayed their wedding procession for several hours, according to reports.

The supposed groom, identified as Anil Mahavir Jat, arrived at the village of Chelana Sunday for his wedding with a local girl named Manju, OpIndia reported.

More than 150 people joined the groom's wedding procession, known locally as a "baraat," upon Manju's arrival at home, according to the outlet.

The custom usually involves the groom seated on a ceremonial horse as he and his guests make their way to the wedding site.

While Jat and his party left for Manju's home at around 9 p.m., they were reportedly "so involved in the DJ's music that they kept dancing" until 1 a.m.

Ultimately, the wedding procession was delayed for five hours as Jat and several of his friends became drunk and continued to dance to the DJ's music.

The wedding's 1:15 a.m. "muhurat," or what was decided to be the event's most auspicious time, was also missed as a result of the delay.

Despite all of this, Jat and his party allegedly showed no signs of hurrying up to reach the wedding venue.

Manju and her family were so ashamed and frustrated by the scene that they decided to call off the wedding, according to the report.

She then decided to return Jat's baraat empty-handed and married another man. Jat later learned of the situation and witnessed Manju performing a wedding ceremony with her new groom upon reaching the wedding venue.

A day after the incident, Jat's family went to the Rajgarh police station to file a complaint against Manju's family, a report by India Today said.

In response to the complaint, Manju's family claimed that Jat and his family were "careless" about the wedding rituals and argued that this attitude would continue in the future, according to OpIndia.

After consulting with police, both sides ended up legally calling off the wedding, citing "family issues" in respective written confirmations as the reason for the cancellation.

Representation. A man in India filed a police complaint after his bride-to-be married another person, but both parties later legally called off the cancelled wedding. epicioci/Pixabay