A man in India was allegedly murdered by his in-laws from his previous marriage after the 35-year-old man got married for the third time, police said.

Ladu Haiburu, from Jharkhand, from the eastern state of India, reportedly went missing on March 16, after a fight with his brother-in-law from his first marriage when the latter confronted him over his third wedding. However, the family did not report the incident to the police, investigating officer M Tamil Vanan said, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The investigation began after the police received reports about the disappearance of Haiburu following the alleged fight. Although Haiburu's family was initially hesitant to reveal details regarding his missing, the police took his mother Nandi into their confidence and filed a case based on her complaint.

After an initial investigation, the police arrested Haiburu's unidentified brother-in-law and three others Friday. The two of the suspects who were arrested are minors and they remain unidentified, according to the reports.

Following the arrests, the police executed a search in the suburbs of the village where Haiburu stayed and recovered the skeletal remains from a well, around 10 km away from his house. The remains were later identified as that of the missing victim, police said. Meanwhile, the police are further investigating the case.

The police said Haiburu reportedly assaulted his first wife and was questioned by her brother for the same. Haiburu was allegedly murdered by him after he was picked by the suspects from his third wife's house, News Track Live reported.

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Representation. A police line. Pixabay