“Black-ish” spinoff “Grown-ish” is finally premiering this Wednesday night on Freeform. The new show will center on Yara Shahidi’s Zoey’s journey through college away from her family. In the absence of her parents Dre and Rainbow, Zoey will have to make do with what’s in her reach and, like other teens, will be influenced into doing some things she may or may not regret later on.

Based on a preview for the one-hour series premiere, Zoey will discover the effects of adderall the hard way. In one scene, Vivek (Jordan Buhat) hands Zoey some adderall while telling the latter that the stimulant will change her life. However, the eldest Johnson daughter is reluctant to take them for her own consumption. “Oh my god! Those are drugs. Those are illegal drugs,” she yells at the sight of the packet.

Despite not feeling comfortable at the sight of the drugs, Zoey still manages to crack a joke about the stimulant that’s typically used in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. “I know what it is. My little brother should be on it … my dad, too.”

Since Zoey seems hesitant to take the drugs, Vivek tries to convince her more to take them for her own sake. “You won’t just finish your 25-page paper on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You’ll actually care about [her],” Vivek says after pointing out that half of the student body are also taking adderall to accomplish all their tasks.

“You’re in college now … and the next four years are probably going to determine your path for the rest of your life,” Vivek adds. To this Zoey responds that she doesn’t want to cheat her way through college by taking the drugs. However, Vivek quickly retorts that “it’s not cheating if everyone’s doing it.”

In another sneak peek at “Grown-ish” episode 1, Zoey is seen giving in to adderall out of desperation. While struggling to write her paper on Ginsburg, she yields to Vivek’s words earlier at the cafeteria and pops the drug. She then learns that the good thing about adderall is “it gives you hyper-focus on one thing for hours.” But she soon realizes that this is also a bad thing.

After typing a paragraph for her paper, Zoey sees an ad for an online clothing store on her computer display. This prompts her to click the ad and engage in a shopping spree for hours. By the time she’s done ordering some items, she’s already exhausted and so she hits the sack without thinking of the unfinished assignment.

“Grown-ish” Season 1 premieres Jan. 3, Wednesday, at 8 p.m. EST on Freeform.