“Grand Theft Auto Online” or “GTA 5” does not want its players to be dateless this Valentine’s Day, so it is taking them to new areas where they can extend their simulated criminal tendencies. Starting Feb. 14, players can spend long hours in the two new maps for the “Till Death Do Us Part” Adversary Mode. Developer Rockstar Games is also offering special Valentine’s Day bonuses that players can take advantage of until Feb. 27.

On Tuesday, Rockstar announced via the “Grand Theft Auto Online” official website its Valentine’s bonuses for the different Adversary Modes. Players who will be accessing “Till Death Do Us Part,” “Hasta la Vista,” “Relay” and “Offense and Defense” will now be getting twice as much GTA$ and RPs.

Among the four 2v2 Modes, the “Till Death Do Us Part” is receiving an upgrade in the form of two new maps: “Legion Square” and “La Puerta.” The move to update this mode with new maps isn’t surprising to fans since “Till Death Do Us Part” centers on star-crossed lovers who embark on risky yet romantic endeavors. When it was launched as part of the game’s Valentine’s Day update last year, it gave players the chance to play in five different romantic locations.

In announcing thew two new maps for the Adversary Mode, Rockstar reminded players that they should look out for their partner because star-crossed couples suffer the same fate. When one dies, the other also meets its demise. As per usual, Health regeneration bonuses can be obtained by staying close with one’s partner.

Additionally, Rockstar is bringing back some special Valentine’s Day items to “GTA Online” this year. The Albany Roosevelt, Roosevelt Valor and the Gusenberg Sweeper MSG are up for grabs with 25 percent discounts. Speaking of discounts, players can also get a 50 percent discount on Executive Assistant Services and another 25 percent discount on Import/Export Update tattoos, Benny’s Custom Motorworks Upgrades, Be My Valentine Clothing and the Ocelot Penetrator.

Finally, Rockstar announced the schedule for the Premium and Time Trials races. The “Duel” (Locked to Muscle class vehicles) Premium Race is set to happen on Feb. 14–20, while the “Over and Under” (Locked to Bikes) Premium Race will take place from Feb. 21–27. On the other hand, “Sawmill” and “Cypress Flats” Time Trials are slated to happen on Feb. 13–19 and Feb. 20–26, respectively.